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NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,715
4/17/13 6:35 P

I took phentermine for a while some years ago. It definitely killed the appetite, which makes it easier to eat less. I didn't lose a great deal of weight tho', because I still ate out of boredom or other non-appetite reasons. You still need to put effort into a healthy lifestyle. It's an aid, not a fix.

I did not find it addictive.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
4/17/13 11:17 A

I'd suspect the weight loss is more from the

- monitoring by a doctor
- increased exercise

rather than a chemical-filled prescription

But that's my opinion.
I prefer to go the route of food selection and exercise, rather than pills

JAZMINE78 SparkPoints: (218)
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4/17/13 10:17 A

Since starting on Adipex I was doing a whole l pill (half twice a day), but I have since cut it down to just a 1/2 a day and started boxing! I have found that I LOVE hitting that bag and it just clears away the day's frustration!

I'm still using Dr. Mansfield for my weight loss and I'm on track for my goal. It's nice to have more energy and be able to see a difference in my weight.

JAZMINE78 SparkPoints: (218)
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2/28/13 10:06 A

Good morning. Thank you for your responses. Here is a quick update: a co-worker recommended Dr. Mansfield in Dunwoody. I was able to get an appointment yesterday evening and I decided to try the Adipex for a week. After some of the suggestions I did do some research and settled on the week instead of doing a whole month. I'm going to see how it works and then decide after the week is up.

CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
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2/27/13 1:25 P

Any doctor can prescribe it. I got it from my family doctor when I took it. I do caution you however. In the long run, it won't help you keep the weight off and can actually leave you with more problems than you started with. At one point I was taking upwards of 5 pills per day. I didn't eat, sleep and was in a very foul mood most of the time.

It is highly addictive (trust me, I know) and in the end isn't worth it.

Take the money you would spend on the doctor visit and the prescription (most insurance companies WON'T cover it) and use that money to invest in the proper tools that WILL help you lose weight long term (food scale, measuring cups/spoons, fitness videos/equipment, gym membership)

Best of luck to you

LUCKYNUMBER23 SparkPoints: (12,425)
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2/27/13 1:06 P

Why do you want it? If you want it to get your eating under control, have you tried the over-the-counter diet pills. You don't want to stay on them for long, but they do work as an appetite suppressant.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
2/27/13 12:28 P

I don't, but i am also going to caution you . This stuff is addictive in its own right. I was on it for about a year and it didn't help as much as you think. the side effects were worse than the minute weight that I lost. I found a good healthy diet and fun exercise helped me so much more than getting on this drug.

JAZMINE78 SparkPoints: (218)
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2/27/13 11:22 A

Hi I'm new to this board and was wondering if anyone knows of a doctor in the Atlanta area that I can get Adipex from to use with a low calorie diet. Thank you for your help!

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