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9/11/12 9:35 A

If you find any ads on our site are inappropriate, you can report them by following the instructions here;


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9/9/12 7:57 P

There will never be the entire truth in advertising. That's what being in a capitalist society is all about.

However, there is something you can do to prevent seeing those ads.

There are ad blockers for almost every web browser. If you own your computer, you can easily attach this ad on. I haven't seen an internet ad in three years. There's really no reason to see them.

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9/9/12 7:33 P

So I get the fact that the ads keep SP free, and that's great. BUT I do take issue with ads for weight loss related products (Sensa) that are obviously/ridiculously photoshopped. For example, I saw one this evening where basically the woman in the ad would have to have lost a rib along with the weight in order to have the waistline they showed. How about some truth in advertising? Anybody with me?

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