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4/2/12 8:43 P

Let the husband do the cooking for all the picky eaters, they can club up and you may eat well! If they are not big on that idea, let them adjust their taste buds. Life is full of learning processes.

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3/15/12 5:40 P

I'll be watching this thread, for sure. Not for my family, they love food, the more veggies the better, but I have a few friends that I spend a lot of time with, and we wind up cooking together a lot, for our families that HATE vegetables. It's frustrating and appalling.

If you're not trtying to force your people to eat better, but just want to have good dinners, try making things customizable. Like, make ground turkey tacos, and let them do theirs the way they want, but you load yours with all the veggies and beans you like. Also, lettuce wraps. Make chicken, cut it into chunks or shreds, season it with ginger and soy, or whatever flavors you like, and put that out with rice, big lettuce leaves for wrapping, fresh pineapple chunks, sprouts, lime wedges, and shredded cabbage.

This is how I deal with picky friends. Sure, they're eating a plate of chicken and white rice, but I'm having an AWESOME dinner, loaded with flavors, textures, and lots of raw crunchy stuff.

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3/14/12 9:27 P

Mix everything together... if they truly hate it, they'll make the effort to pick it out. Sometimes it is just not worth the effort.

You could also make a casserole spicy enough to fight back, if your family is into spicy. No way to even taste the vegetables when you are going "oh god, cumin."

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3/14/12 4:20 P

You can go hard or soft on this one.

Hard: prepare the food and serve it. If there are complaints, say, "I am not a short-order cook. This is what's for dinner. You must try one bite of everything. If you don't care for it, say so politely. You may make your own (insert ONE food alternative here that your children and/or spouse can get for themselves -- pb&j on whole wheat [since you already threw out the wonderbread] OR yogurt OR a scrambled egg -- that kind of thing) instead." repeat as necessary.

Soft: make healthier versions of the food they already like, serve everyone smaller portions, and serve one new healthy item with each meal. Don't usually eat salad? Make a bowl of salad and put it on the table. A fun touch like some sliced strawberries, dried cranberries, almonds, etc. scattered on the salad makes it more appealing. Put out carrot and celery sticks and some hummus 15 minutes before dinner and tell them it's appetizers -- my kids go for it if they think it's fancy/special. Chop up some fresh fruit, squeeze a little fresh lime juice on it, tell them it's fruit salad -- or layer it with yogurt in glasses for "parfaits" (fancy! and also: easy!).

I try to remember that I get to decide what to serve, but they get to decide what to eat. It's not my job to make them eat, it's just my job to provide nutritious food that's going to keep them healthy. If they choose not to eat what we're serving, well ... hey, they haven't starved to death yet.

Good luck!

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3/6/12 2:55 P

I know there are a few cookbooks out there on how to sneak fruits and veggies into meals for kids. I would imagine it'd work for a husband as well. ;)

Add veggies to pasta and pizza sauces by pureeing them and adding in during cooking. Add one new ingredient to a smoothie each time you make them. Try different ways to prepare things with different seasonings.

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3/6/12 2:34 P

Whats the best way to incorperate new/healthy foods when u have not only picky kids but a husband as well?

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