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COXBETH SparkPoints: (8,174)
Fitness Minutes: (3,770)
Posts: 467
12/11/12 3:23 P

Pinterest = AWESOMESAUCE. I would totally pin things even though I don't facebook about them.

Ohhhhh, and it would be a fun way to connect with other sparkers as well...

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BASKETLADY13 Posts: 301
12/11/12 11:21 A

Awesome info. I've never been on Pinterest. I'll try it out.

OZARKMARY Posts: 7,645
11/14/12 8:00 A

AWESOME idea! Love Pinterest!

CELTCHIC Posts: 2,693
11/13/12 8:40 P

I don't use Facebook either, but love Pinterest and highly recommend giving it a try. I have a healthy eats board and a health board and just tried to pin the "12 minute seated core video" but I could only pin a default (kind of ugly - sorry) generic blue dot image, not the video image.

Pinterest is all about the visual! I wish SP could allow better pinning for public content. I think it would bring a lot of positive attention to SP.


LUCKEYRN11 SparkPoints: (4,261)
Fitness Minutes: (2,595)
Posts: 127
11/11/12 10:18 P

AWESOME idea! I love pinterest AND follow Sparkpeople on there!

REDVOLVOMAMA SparkPoints: (368)
Fitness Minutes: (420)
Posts: 5
11/11/12 8:12 P

LOVE PINTEREST! I've gotten a lot of great ideas from that site.

BECKYBETZ Posts: 109
11/6/12 9:28 A

GREAT idea! I love, love, love pinterest!!! I follow Coach Nicole and repin her stuff all the time.

MNWILDCIN Posts: 298
11/2/12 5:31 P


L-RIOT Posts: 348
10/24/12 3:21 P

I LOVE to Pin! Great idea!!!

BARBANNA SparkPoints: (108,158)
Fitness Minutes: (84,828)
Posts: 3,412
10/22/12 11:10 A

I need to checkout pinterest.

SPIRALDOWN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (9,703)
Posts: 859
10/21/12 3:04 P

Thats a great idea i use Pintereat as much as i do facebook

DPDAVIS Posts: 3,347
10/5/12 5:57 P

what is this?

DPDAVIS Posts: 3,347
9/29/12 9:44 P

Have never used Pinterest

JO28352 Posts: 671
9/23/12 9:42 A

Fabulous idea!!

MRSKRISTENK SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,651)
Posts: 7
9/18/12 6:59 P

I don't use Facebook either. I think this is a great idea! :)

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STROMSP SparkPoints: (46,035)
Fitness Minutes: (98,010)
Posts: 742
9/11/12 10:04 P

Thank you, Coach Denise!

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 38,057
9/11/12 9:22 A

Thanks for the feedback, I'll pass it along!

Coach Denise

STROMSP SparkPoints: (46,035)
Fitness Minutes: (98,010)
Posts: 742
9/10/12 9:40 P

Hi SparkPeople!

Please donít laugh, but I donít use Facebook.

Iíd love it if SparkPeople could find a way to award me SparkPoints for pinning or re-pinning SparkPeople content.


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