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RANDALLWM Posts: 118
10/9/12 10:09 A

night shifts are tough when you try to eat correctly. I did that for 3 years and hated it.

MJ1976 Posts: 91
9/29/12 3:21 P

Positive aspects
Sep 29 2012 15:07
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Well, last night at work VERY busy and ran around alot-I think I put on about 3 and half miles on my pedometer! Oh well every night is new and not like any other! Not get much sleep today and up by noon, have to work again tonight but I will be okay. One thing I hate about night shift is the lack of sleep when I really need it. Well, did 3 and half miles before work yesterday- walking on the outdoor trails, it was a beautiful day and very motivating, got in some 20 second increments of jogging along with the walking which is my goal, will keep challenging myself more and more with this. Also, drank a ton of water yesterday and noticed I work my contacts for 16 hours without them getting dried out and hurting-a definite positive! Also move faster at work than I used to and do more work which I think my co-workers have noticed-another positive! My legs also don't (I carry most of my weight in my legs) hurt half as much as they used to after a 12-hour shift. Well, I am trying and I do feel better than I used to. Got in about 1550 calories but had to eat on the run between call lights, phone calls, co-workers needs (I'm a charge nurse) and all of that stuff. Well may go do a mile or two in tonight before I go in and also get some homework (I take college classes) done. I am still looking for a 'diet buddy', will remain hopeful as in I think I will do better with someone to share things with.

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