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This is a one-week challenge to help you become a more positive person. In this challenge, there are a few rules:

Rule 1: Never blame someone else if you find yourself in a bad situation or a bad mood. It may not be your fault, but blaming will not help, either.

Rule 2: You may only do one step per day. Go back and edit your post the next day to do the next step. (There are two parts to each daily challenge.)

Rule 3: Follow the instructions. Be thoughtful about what you are writing.


Day 1: Post your life philosophy in one sentence.

Give out TEN sincere compliments to people. If you cannot think of anything kind to say, make an observation sound like a compliment, such as: "Wow! Those are some interesting shoes!" Make sure your tone matches the fact that it is a compliment.

Day 2: Post how you think others perceive you. One sentence.

Give out ten more compliments.

Day 3: Post how you want to be perceived. One sentence.

Say something kind to each person you speak with for more than ten seconds. Every person! Look for the positive and don't end the conversation until you have found something to say.

Day 4: Post what one change you can make in your thinking to be a more positive person. Up to ten sentences.

Every time you are tempted to say or think something negative, stop yourself and look for another thing to focus on.

Day 5: Tweak what you wrote yesterday. Put it into action in the situation you usually find the hardest. Reflect on your action step.

Find one trait that bothers you about another person. What about that trait can be positive, if used differently? Compliment that person on the positive aspect of the trait. This may be the toughest assignment ever! (Ex. A co-worker who jumps to conclusions about others: "I am so appreciative that you try to get to know people. What have you noticed about _(person)___ that would make them an asset to our company?)

Day 6: Notice where you fail the most when it comes to positivity. What can you do to stop the blame game and start changing your own life and attitude?

Stand up for someone or something that needs support. Ex. "I know the boss seems to be unconcerned with our discomfort with the new policies, but I trust that he knows what he is doing!"

Final Day (Day 7): Reflect on what surprised you most about your actions and attitude this week.

Call someone that knows you as a negative person and have a completely positive conversation with him or her. Do not make any requests. You _may_ invite him/her to hang out.

These steps will feel unnatural at first, but behavior changes belief - if you practice being who you wish to be, you will become that. It will feel less and less unreal/fake as you grow accustomed to being a positive person!

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