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4/17/12 9:23 A

My recommendation would be to consult a nutritionist. They can find a plan that works best for you and help you steer away from you becoming bulimic.

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4/17/12 3:25 A

Hello everyone,

I'm Allie and I'm new here. I had my son five months ago and haven't lost any weight besides what I lost in the hospital which was 18 lbs. Not saying it wasn't nice to see those numbers dwindled, but my son was 9 lbs, so in reality I lost less than 9 lbs. all things considered. My pre-pregnancy weight was 170 lbs. My overall starting weight was 195 lbs back in 2009 at age 16. I'm a taller girl and I pretty much gain weight strictly in my tummy and thighs and it's very frustrating that I cannot seem to lose anything!

I have to be a careful with diets and exercising because I was diagnosed in late 2009 as Bulimic with Anorexic tendencies and even though I'm considered in remission for my disorders, it's something that could come very easily to me. That aside, I need to know some tips/tricks and get some advice on how to *safely* lose the remainder of the weight I need to shed in order to reach my 160 lb goal. (56 lbs. in all) My goal is to be done and living a healthier lifestyle to maintain my weight by June, 2013. Any help would be gladly appreciated!

Thanks! xx's

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