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3/21/12 2:46 P

Food for Four

Make some chicken drumsticks and bring along some string beans, sweet potatoes and a small salad like tomato ,cucumber and feta cheese.

Pot Luck for 30

Buy some fancy long toothpicks and make some skewers.
Buy string cheese and cut into chunks
Buy some black or green olives
Buy some sliced turkey at your supermarket deli, cut each slice into 4ths and roll up

Skewer a piece of cheese, an olive and the rolled up turkey.
Drizzle a bit of Paul Newmans dressing on top and people will love them !

3/21/12 2:31 P


3/20/12 11:23 A

Ok, I have two very specific potluck situations:

1. Food for Four
We are going to another couple's house and we are bringing dinner. Me and the other wife like veggies, the men like meat. One member cannot do a lot of pepper/anything spicy. The meal will need to travel about 30 minutes, but can be reheated or baked at the other couple's house, just nothing too hands-on. So far we've already done lasagna and burgers/hot dogs. Any other ideas? I'd rather do something other than a casserole, but if that's what has to be, then that's what I'll do. I'm aiming for a main dish with 1-2 sides.

2. Apps for 30
I need a finger food to bring to a work event the SAME WEEK. I don't want to bring fresh fruit/veggies, we have lots of people who bring those. I also don't really want to bring desserts, because then I will eat them. (Ditto on the ships and dip).

Any ideas appreciated!

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