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Babyfit will provide you with recommendations as has been suggested and then you can enter them over here if you prefer to continue to use the nutrition tracker with all your stuff. Over here you can set up your plan for weight maintenance and then add 300 calories for pregnancy as your starting point but it won't adjust key nutrients like iron or calcium for pregnancy needs.

If you work out a lot with things more than walking or bike riding, your rate of weight gain and hunger levels will indicate a need for more calories. A good rule of thumb is 100 additional calories for each 15 minutes of cardio exercise like running, swimming or aerobics. Be sure to talk with your medical provider regarding their recommendations.

Coach Tanya

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Babyfit is great for the supportive due date groups and relevant articles, but the food/exercise tracker is nowhere near as good as the one on sparkpeople. I instead changed my goals on spark to show I want to gain weight (the amount my doctor recommended) and spark gives me a calorie range which isn't far from his suggestions. Then I add in exercise & eat more on the days I have lots of activity.

Since this is a weight loss site, you just have to be mindful of getting enough calories & nutrients on your own and not short changing yourself. I'm glad you said that it's not the time to cut back on calories! So true!

My only advice so far is eat what your body tells you while also trying to focus on quality. Nutrient dense foods are great if you can stomach them; eat a wide range of fruits & veggies, quality proteins & fats too. And don't forget to join a babyfit due date club and check out the exercise message board (Cathy Cram is awesome & helpful), they are really supportive over there - even if the site is lacking in other ways!

ETA: congratulations!!!!!!

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babyfit doesn't allow you more calories based on exercise. I exercise a lot, and if I had eaten in the range that babyfit gave me while pregnant, I would have starved to death.

I just added 1 snack to my regular maintenance calories.

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My diet while pregnancy was simple.
I ate:
- bread
- butter
- potatoes
- meat (steak, filet, no minced or spiced stuff)

cause everything else I vomited. Really everything. No fruits, no veggs, no diary products, sweets, NOTHING except of the 4 things.

I felt phantastic, my blood results have been stunning, my daughter was a 55 cm and 4500 gramm healthy newborn.

So I think in pregnancy you should eat what your body told you.

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The phrase I used when I was pregnant- "If I'm not hungry for fresh fruits and vegis, I'm not really hungry." This kept me away from ice cream and other treats at least 50% of the time.


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Agreed, try babyfit

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There's a sister site, It would be best to use that one before, during, and shortly after pregnancy. And of course, show your doctor whatever site you're using!

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While being pregnant, cutting calories and losing weight isn't really an option. My question is how do I switch my profile to just healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition, rather than focused on weight-loss? Any help is appreciated, Thanks in advance!

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