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4/1/12 1:26 P

A good way to figure out what you should be eating is to figure out what you're missing. Fat? Protein? Carbs? I'm usually low on carbs and fat on the end of the day, and a great carby fat is an avocado. Or I'll have a "shake" made of fruit, spinach, soy milk. Or a granola bar. Can you implement a "fourth" meal between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner? I have a smoothie in the morning, a regular lunch, and then a small meal before I start making dinner. That way I'm not eating super late, but I get my calories in at the end of the day via balanced meals.

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4/1/12 1:00 P

I would add some calorie dense foods that don't fill you up too much. Try the peanut butter or regular salad dressings instead of the low calorie. Also you can sprinkle a few nuts in your breakfast cereals or on salads.

I have to say that under eating has never been my problem. Sometimes I wish it was as it seems like it would be easier to deal with. emoticon


4/1/12 10:42 A

I have the same problem but have been adding peanut butter to help. I am also going to add eggs too. Spark has my caloric intake set lower than my doc wants so I have to keep changing it. I was doing good with Sparks limit but with my doc not as good. I am like you when I am full I am full. But adding nuts, peanut butter and sunflower seeds seem to help. Eggs will be my next addition. Also looking into adding more avocados - instead of mayo and salad dressing on sandwiches and in salads.

I do use snack bars and I use 1 protein shake a day after exercise. But this is something I have discussed with my nutritionist. I just use like nature valley sweet and chewy granola bars and if you need more protein they now have nature valley protein bars.

The article is very helpful. It gave me a few ideas to try. Hope this helps.

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4/1/12 8:54 A

One serving on peanut butter has just under or close to 200 calories. Eating fat does not make you FAT if you stay within your range.

I wouldn't do shakes or bars. (Mainly because the cost and I don't see myself doing that for a lifetime.)

good luck!

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4/1/12 7:31 A

Here's an article you might find helpful:

Also try tracking your food ahead of time for the day. That way if you're coming up short, you've got all day to plan for where you can add in some extra calories.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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4/1/12 3:31 A

I almost never hit the min intake that SP or my dietitians have set for me - even with the added eating out 9 times out of 10 not hit it or in many case even get close (will be a good 500 away from it - that is annoying).

Thus in general I have come to the deal of eating as I will and yes the so called junk food enters into the equation funny thing is even with that "junk food" hitting goal is almost an impossibility.

Yesterday I nearly got close to 1200, never mind the 1800 min i should be hitting. but I've always been an under eater I can eat that big burger, fries and everything and the rest of the day it will be light eating because I'm so stuffed/full feeling that the idea or thought of eating more isn't appealing.

Best i can say if you are able to, eating nuts is helpful (if not allergic) slightly larger portions isn't bad either if you can stumic it that is.

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4/1/12 2:49 A

Seems to me adding shakes or bars... might as well just add in more food to begin with! Depending on what other areas of nutrition you may be coming in under, try adding some calorie dense foods to your meals. Almonds, flax seeds, even just drizzling a little olive oil over your salad or veggies... They won't fill you up like a whole other meal but can help get your calories up, and help you out with things like healthy fiber or fats.

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4/1/12 1:42 A

It seems like EVERY DAY I end up atleast 200 calories under the minimum caloric intake.. I cant seem to eat enough apparently. Do any of you guys supplement this problem with shakes or bars? I wonder if im the only one with this problem. I just dont want to start storing body fat instead of getting rid of it..

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