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5/22/12 9:55 P

I agree with the prior post about sending flowers and a card- taking the high road and trying to smooth things over before the wedding would probably be the best option. Maybe even getting everyone to go to a brunch before the shower to clear things up? Good luck!

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
5/18/12 8:56 P

You definitely have to ask your fiance before you do anything. This might be a pattern with his sisters.

There cannot be anything so terrible that they cannot forgive and move on and participate in the wedding like originally planned. Especially since your fiance is apologetic. Life is way to short to hold a grudge, for any reason.

KYRSTINRO Posts: 945
5/18/12 8:48 A

Ask your fiance. It's his family, after all. if he doesn't want them involved, don't ask them.

I know it sounds harsh but you want things to be well with him, not them...

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
5/10/12 12:24 P

Since it is your fiances family, clear this with him first.

What I would do is send each of the sisters an arrangement of flowers. And in the card tell them that the both of you are sincerely sorry and would like for everyone to be able to participate in the wedding, especially the nieces and nephews. And give them a way to contact you.

If that doesn't get a response then you could still invite them to the shower and the wedding as a gesture of good faith.

If they don't respond to that then they may never come around. Which is really sad. Life is way to short and precious to hold a grudge.

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5/9/12 4:28 P

I would invite them to the shower, but you can't make them allow their kids to be in the wedding. It's sad that even if you don't get along with the parents, they aren't keen on having you & your fiance be in their lives, but unfortunately it's not your call and if your fiance has tried to make amends it's on them. Without knowing any specifics about the fight, it's hard to say if there's actually an issue here or if the sisters are just causing drama, but you can only do so much and certainly don't need to be dealing with that before your wedding.

5/9/12 2:54 P

So our wedding is on Sept. 15th 2012. I had the wedding organized so that we included both families in the wedding. I never wanted a big wedding party but I was willing to put as many of the kids from both sides in the wedding so everyone felt included. Then over Thanksgiving last year my fiance got into a huge fight with all three of his sisters and now they won't allow their kids to be in the wedding!! He has tried to apologize for what happened(even though I believe it wasn't entirely his fault), but they won't even listen. Now I don't know if I should include his sisters in anything that has to do with the wedding at all. Should I try to include them by inviting them to the Bridal Shower? Before the fight we were all really close and I want to be that close again but they don't seem to want that. I love their kids and want them to be involved in our lives but their parents don't them to be. I don't know what to do anymore.

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