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MAMAV57 Posts: 1,269
6/18/12 5:22 P

Cool! That is how I do it so now I can revise the calculations. Thanks so much!

6/18/12 4:56 P

Is there anyway to brown the meat, drain and rinse off the fat using hot water. This link takes you to the nutritional breakdown for ground beef, prepared in this fashion:

Dietitian Becky

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
6/18/12 3:46 P

Mmmm, sounds yummy!

Yes it does. I would weigh the fat. That's pure fat you have right there, so you can deduct that amount of fat from the totals for this food.

MAMAV57 Posts: 1,269
6/18/12 1:20 P

I like to make a hamburger soup with lots of veggies and beans. When I cook it, I refrigerate it and then skim the fat off the top. Does that decrease the fat from the hamburger seriously? When I calculated it in the recipe calculator it came out with 22 grams of fat. emoticon Hopefully cooling and skimming reduces some of that??

Thanks for help on this one!! emoticon

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