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3/1/12 10:56 P

My little Corgi mix Charlotte LOVES to go for walks. I'm pretty sure she would walk until she fell over. She loves looking around and nosy. She is very about about guarding me and my husband so that makes me nervous walking her. You are right though, it's great for us and great for the pups! : )

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3/1/12 9:55 P

Wolfshadess, sounds like it's time for some training! My dog can be a bit much to handle, but he's learning slowly as we train. He's pretty quick, so he responds well to positive reinforcement. Your dogs should listen to you, and be taught not to pull on the leash. Bad puppy manners!

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3/1/12 9:39 P

I wish my dogs didn't scare people... My 3 year old Shepherd Storm is good when my husband has her on the leash, but not me. She barks at EVERYONE and I have to drag her away. (Good arm workout at the expense of everyone else?!) Our 13 year old Shepherd Taylor doesn't like anyone who isn't a member of the family... And our 9 year old Shepherd Tank might be good... But I'm a little intimidated to take him out. He's a big boy and insists on running everywhere he goes! Eternally hyper... Every time I consider taking him out, every worst case scenario comes to mind. Ugh. The best behaved dog is my husband's work dog and I can't take him on a walk, because god forbid something happen...
4 dogs and MAYBE 1 I could walk!

3/1/12 3:46 P

I agree! My dog gets three walks a day and he always acts like each one is the greatest treat in the world!

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3/1/12 12:12 P

I may have to give that a try. The only thing is my little buddy is a Chihuahua/ bichon mix and looks like a jack Russel terrier. He also is very protective and won't let anyone near me(even my wife). So I'm not sure how it would work, but it's worth a try.

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3/1/12 12:07 P

I know, and I don't do it nearly often enough. My dog is still learning about walking on the leash, so I have to be careful (he likes to try to tangle my legs or cross over abruptly and knock me over... he's a big boy) but he's learning. He loves it SO much, and when we get back, he starts streaking around the yard and wanting to play.

Writer, mother, wife, and breadwinner. I love to run, but running doesn't love me, so I'm switching to my low-impact bike.

I'm not pregnant, just fat: My blog.
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3/1/12 12:07 P

Super, I have a indoors cat- I am toying with the idea of going walkies with her..

When I found her she was dumped out the window of car 10kms out from where I live in the middle of nowhere- she was all claws up on my shoulder and followed me faithfully all the way home..
my exercise ball has to be locked away there are speed scratches from her claws on my new one.. If my resistance bands are out more time then necessary she is flexing muscles there too..

I had to save her from doing pulls up in my clothe line thingie!

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3/1/12 12:03 P

I agree! That excitement in the house when I simply TOUCH the leash is unheard of and keeps a smile on my face for hours!

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3/1/12 12:00 P

...Is walking the dog. You're getting exercise, your buddy's getting exercise...but the best part? Seeing the look of absolute JOY on your dog's face before, during, and after the walk. They love their walks, and they love knowing when they're about to go for one! emoticon

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