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5/30/12 12:27 P


DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
5/15/12 12:38 P

i take detox supplements from my chiropractor. so no need to do a diet detox

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5/15/12 12:20 P


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5/15/12 8:40 A


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4/17/12 1:56 P


Peggy (Colorado)

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4/17/12 12:59 P

No. Don't believe in them. Your body naturally detoxes itself.

JILLITA55 SparkPoints: (74,274)
Fitness Minutes: (63,088)
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4/17/12 11:45 A


SUKOTO Posts: 2,261
3/27/12 3:08 P

I don't believe in detoxing. You are starving yourself of vital nutrients which is in no way good for you. Eat properly, exercise and let you body clean itself out naturally.
Don't fall for the "Detox" scams that are out there. THEY AREN'T GOOD FOR YOU. IMHO

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3/27/12 2:31 P

No. My body is not a toilet; it doesn't need to be flushed. Detoxing is a myth; your liver and gallbladder already know how to clean themselves out, and are designed to do so. There's nothing you can eat that will "flush" toxic buildup out of your tissues.

You don't need to flush out toxins, and there's no credible scientific evidence that products or diets which claim to do so actually do what they claim.

Eat healthy, and you don't need to worry about "toxic" buildup. Trust your body to do that which it was designed to do.

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3/27/12 2:21 P

No need. I keep my diet pretty clean.

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3/27/12 12:48 P


I am all natural

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3/27/12 11:46 A

A Good Spring Cleaning Flushes Out Fats & Toxins - the liver and gallbladder?

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