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With your positive attitude & Spark's tools, you WILL get there! All the reasons you list for wanting to get fit are excellent.

Best wishes to you and I know you can do it!
Every one of us is stronger than we know.

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7/2/12 10:05 A

Great first step!


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7/2/12 9:49 A

emoticon emoticon

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7/1/12 5:26 P

Regaining function is really important to me as well and I am delighted that I can climb stairs and kneel to garden, walk with less pain and not get winded! Keep on Sparking!

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It's July 1st 2012 I weigh 159lbs. at 5'1. My Goal is 117. I am motived and excited to start this "accomplishment" once again!!! This time I have a plan that is more healthy than any thing else I've tried. I am using an Add method : ) Add more veggies, Add more water, Add more movement.* Along with a 1400-1500 calorie intake per day. I have been counting calories for the last 5 days and average 2000 calories daily.{ maintaining this weight for 10 years!} I am now 50 years of age and have a very strong urge to be in shape.
I want to be thin for many reasons; first to be able to manuver my body more easily, getting on my knees to garden,read to a child, clean,etc is very challenging, and I don't like the feeling I have trying to get up! Next, I love pretty clothes and I have a terrible time shopping for clothes now that I have all this extra weight. I settle for what fits and what covers. In the past,I have been at my proposed weight by the chart guidelines for most of my life except in the last 10 years all because I chose to eat MANY cakes, cookies,and candy. I am ready to make the commitment to myself. I can't wait to see how it feels!!!

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