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2/13/13 2:47 P

Oh also, if you didn't want to do all that work, you could just make a new recipe for just the new enchilada ingredients, then in your tracker, add that, then add the correct servings for your chicken recipe, and the correct servings for your rice recipe. It'll look a little funny but the end totals will be correct. I do that sometimes when I make a sauce that I might want to use with different kinds of meats.

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2/13/13 2:46 P

You can take one of the recipes you've already made, adjust the quantities and change the name to something else, and save. It will save it as new, while your old recipe will still be there in it's original form. So, you could take the rice recipe you already have, adjust the quantities for that, then, add in the chicken ingredients, then add in the new ingredients for the enchiladas, and save it as "chicken enchiladas". Or, whichever order you want to go in. Hope that makes sense.

2/13/13 2:26 P

Can I use a serving of a recipe that I already created as an ingredient in another recipe? That sounds confusing,.... here's my deal.

Last night I made my own recipe for Spanish Rice.
The night before I made my own recipe for Chicken Taco Meat.

Now I want to make my own recipe for Chicken Enchiladas, using 1 serving of my leftover Spanish Rice and 4 servings of my leftover Chicken Taco Meat.

As far as I can tell the only way I can do this is to:
find my recipe for Chicken Taco Meat,
quadruple the nutritional information for one serving and write it all down,
create a New Food that is nutritionally identical to 4 servings of my Chicken Taco Meat,
and then add that New Food as an ingredient to my Chicken Enchilada recipe.

Is there an easier way?

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