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2/22/12 9:02 A

If you click the little heart icon that says "save" towards the top of the recipe page, it will save it to your recipe box and will be listed under the heading of My Favorite Recipes toward the bottom of your recipe box page. Although, you wouldn't be able to organize them there, they would just be listed all on the same page.

If you want to organize them, it would be best to add them all to a recipe collection (similar idea to adding it to a cookbook). You could create one recipe collection and add all those recipes to it and organize them in the order you would like.

Hope that helps!

Coach Denise

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2/21/12 12:19 P

Please help. I am finding great recipes submitted by users. When I want to alter a recipe (i.e. I substituted applesauce for applebutter in one) and when I find a great one submitted by someone else, they go to two different places. The altered recipe goes to my recipe box. The ones I save go to a collection.

Does anyone have any idea how to organize them in one location? Thank you for your assistance.

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