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5/22/13 6:29 P

Thanks so now I know that it just depends on how much you use and that's not bad for enchiladas there bomb to

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5/22/13 1:36 P

It is possible to make them healthy. Look at the amounts of cheeses etc that are used. that's usually where the calories in normal recipes come from. I made some delicious chicken enchiladas last week that were only 400 calories for 3 of them. I used corn tortillas, homemade sauce, and only a cup of cheese total.

CALIKID32190 Posts: 4
5/20/13 7:14 P

So as long as it says this is a spark people recipe it's more than likely right that's good them cuz alot of the foods I like say that and look good

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5/20/13 5:30 P

I think if the recipe says "This is a Recipe" like this one does
you can be sure the calorie counts are OK.

If it is posted by an individual, you might want to double check them. People make mistakes or forget things...

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5/20/13 3:03 P

Thanks I've actually seen the website version it's the same thing as the app it just has a pic of the food sometimes but alot of the stuff looks good I just hope the calories are right

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5/20/13 9:45 A

I can't answer about your specific recipes, but will give the following advice. I don't know the spark recipe app (it may have the same info), so I'll say what I would do on

First thing I would examine is the number of servings. Any recipe can be made to look low calorie if the serving size is tiny. So examine the recipe and ask the question, does that seem like a reasonable number of servings? Does it say 12, when you know it will only really be 4 or 6 normal sized portions?

Then look at the link under the Nutrition section called "View full nutritional breakdown" do the ingredients in this section match the ingredients listed in the recipe. Is anything missing or listed in a different volume. If it is, that can make the calorie count of the recipe wrong for the listed ingredients.

If you like the look of the recipe, you can always do a makeover and fix the ingredients, volumes and number of servings and recalculate and see the fixed nutritional details.

Hope this helps - this is quite easy to do on the website, don't know if the app works the same.

Good luck.

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CALIKID32190 Posts: 4
5/20/13 3:43 A

Ok so I downloaded the spark recipe apps and going through alot of them and alot of good foods like one of the lasagnas they have is barely 336 calories a piece that's a little hard to believe when ground beef and lasagnas normally high in calories I also seen a good enchiladas another one that is barely 268 calories a piece are these numbers right in the recipes or do people guess on the calories and things I really wanna follow but am hoping these calorie numbers are right cuz there isn't much in the 2 foods I listed and most of the time lasagna and enchiladas both are high in calories, calories are important to me to because I'm trying to loose weight so if anyone can clarify if these nutrition numbers are right on these recipes

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