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JULIE2719 Posts: 591
3/14/12 10:19 P

Excellent day! Great way to review and pat yourself on the back for the things you are doing right. Keep it up!

3/14/12 9:38 P

Day 1:

What I did for myself today:
1. Got up and made myself a healthy breakfast, and included a cup of blueberries.
2. Tried to eat healthy all day, and stayed within my calorie range.
3. Walked my dog today and went to taekwondo, so that was an hour and a half of exercise. AND it was the hardest workout I've ever had there! And by the way, I tested for yellow belt WOO-HOO!
4. I drank 9+ cups of water.
5. My fruit and veggie count for today: (so far) 4. Short of my goal by a long shot but the day's not over..
6. I missed my 5-minute pep talk but I'll do better tomorrow..

Not bad for my first day!

p.s. I managed to boost my veggies/fruits to 9 before the day ended!

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