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6/11/12 8:59 A

Once again thank you for the messages, I am managing to cling to my sanity now realising it's normal =)

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6/10/12 11:36 P

This is actually TOTALLY normal, and a common reaction to starting (or ramping up) your exercise routine. It's a temporary gain, and isn't fat at all! It's your muscles retaining water as they adjust to the new levels of exercise.

More detail here:

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6/10/12 8:02 P

The scale is not your friend, kick it to the curb and get out a tape measure instead! You will be SO glad that you did!

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6/10/12 9:20 A

I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your encouraging stories, it has actually helped me feel a lot better about myself. I think the scales will be hid away for a very long time.

I am noticing differences in my clothing, especially around my stomach. Clothes that have been clinging onto every lump and bump now fir perfectly. I guess it's time to just go by clothes and inches rather than scales.

Thanks again to both of you and congratulations on your achievements.

6/9/12 11:38 A

I posted a blog entry just yesterday about this same thing....

In mid March I added in exercise to my new cleaner eating habits. I've "lost" 2 pounds. 2 itty bitty tiny pounds in 3 long months.

HOWEVER, clothes that I have that didn't fit me at all in mid March, now fit. Serious reshaping of my body has occured in the past 3 months even thou I've only "lost" 2 pounds.
Clothes that in mid March wouldn't zip close, or left very unflattering muffins tops or looked like the seams were to split wide open at any moment.

In the past 3 months, I've gone down an entire size, I've been getting compliments left and right from friends/ family asking me how much weight I have lost.... I've only lost 2 pounds. But I've lost fat from my face/neck, in my arms, legs and a bit off my budda belly. However, I've also replaced that lost fat with muscle, so the scale has stayed basically the same.

It can be depressing to not see that scale go down, but on the other hand I don't have any better proof about my actual fat loss than to try on all my new clothes again. Try and shift your focus instead of just looking to the scale for validation.
Have you tried on any of your "old skinny" clothes to see how they fit (or not) now, have you taken any measurements of your body? Do you notice an increase in strength, endurance, improvements in skin/hair condition, are you sleeping better?


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6/8/12 6:12 P

The only thing I can say is: don't rely on the scale. The scale doesn't mean a thing. Go by your body and what you see in the mirror and how your clothes fit. And if your clothes aren't looking good, evaluate to see if it's your bodies fault or your clothes fault. :)

About 8 months ago, I was in the shape of my life, I was a size 4-6 and felt and looked fantastic. I weighed 148 lbs.
Now, I feel fat and bloated, I'm a size 12 and my clothes look awful. I've increased my bust, hip, stomach, thigh size by a total of 15-25 inches. I weigh 150 lbs.

The weight may be super close same, but the body is completely different. I was toned, I could lift my own body weight and throw my nephew around like he was a feather. When you exercise you put on muscle and you tone, especially as women we tighten up. The old saying "muscle weighs more than fat" is true. Your poundage may go up, but you look and feel better, so don't let the scale get to you.

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6/8/12 3:27 P

I recently started a new exercise regime along side eating healthy. I'm losing inches and my clothes are fitting better, yet the scales tell me I have gained 3lbs. I cycle 5 times a week for around an hour (the odd time an hour and a half) walk my dog for about an hour everyday and 3 days of sit-ups, push ups, weights etc.

Yet I'm still getting disheartened by the apparent gaining of the lbs. Is it normal to gain a little weight when starting exercise?

I hope putting this under motivation is right, since this is making me lose it now it feels like I'm gaining.

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