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7/19/12 8:03 P

I'm doing the 5k rookie running plan. I'm taking it slow. My goal right at this point is to run a mile. I'm hoping it's not an unrealistic goal for the end of September. I have been able to walk 3-4 miles so I want to try to challenge myself more.
I'll check the strength training programs too, thanks!

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7/19/12 7:46 P

Hi Kim,

You said you joined a training program--are you currently working on becoming a runner? If you are still concentrating more so on walking than running, doing a strength training program shouldn't be too much. Just make sure you allow for adequate rest and recovery in between your training runs. You can find lots of good strenght training ideas in our Fitness Lifestyle center located in the Healthy Lifestyle Drop Down menu at the top on your page.

I hope this helps!
Coach Nancy

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7/19/12 7:28 P

don't start running unless you have a good ST program in place as well.

KIMJHOWARD1 SparkPoints: (59,540)
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7/19/12 6:38 P

I've been walking for awhile now. I love it but I really want to be able to run also. I've been reading about tips and I've joined a training program. I've got 5k walk races every week until the last week in September then that week I will be running the mile race.
I got the walking down good and have built up speed and stamina. However, I have done absolutely NO strength training. Does anyone have any advice or tips?

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