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7/23/12 1:51 P

Sounds great! I found the problem with circuits when I was inexperienced was I didn't have proper form for the strength parts of the routine. My guess is that, once you have practiced using good form, you can return to circuits without injury

Good success to you.

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7/23/12 1:39 P

In 2010, I started weight training, I began with circuit training. Overtime, I noticed a significant amount of muscle and joint pains. I stopped weight training and began to focus on cardio and stretching exercises. Over the last 3 months, I met experienced weight trainers. I've learned my injuries may have resulted from circuit training. Now,I focused on training one major muscle group per workout. I'm loosing weight!! I'm enjoying it!!! Thus far, no injuries!!! emoticon

My next goal is learning how to swim. I heard it's great for cardio and strength. Righ now, I'm swimming with floaters and still getting a great workout. emoticon

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