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7/13/12 1:04 P

Start off slow. Let's say you drink six cans a soda a day. Cut that back to five for a week, and have water or something healthy to replace it. Gradually work yourself down.

You can also look at the calories you're consuming for each can. They really add up fast!

Posts: 465
7/13/12 12:26 P

From the age of 12 to the age of 40, I was a hardcore Mt. Dew addict. No kidding, no exaggeration, I put away several 20-oz bottles a day of the stuff. in 2009 I decided to quit cold turkey, picked a date, and did it. I am now 43 and have had maybe two indulgences of Mt. Dew since then. Some say it's all about willpower, I say it's all about being ready to make the change. Either you are or you aren't. If you are, then quitting is fairly easy. Good luck, if I did it then I know you can do it too. Commit and follow through.

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7/13/12 11:49 A


Here's an article from WebMD

Good Luck!!

Posts: 338
7/13/12 11:36 A

What worked for me was to start cutting it with water. I drank way too much diet coke and was feeling shaky about cutting it out so I started by using 3/4 pop 1/4 water and increased the water by a 1/4 a week. I didn't feel the headaches or I'll effects I thought I would and it made quitting easy :)

Good luck!

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7/13/12 11:28 A

How do I get the willpower to cut back my Mt. Dew intake?

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