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1/23/11 11:38 A

For save the dates you can send out 6-9 months,
for invites you typically send out 2 months ahead and the reply is 3 weeks before you need your head count. hope that helps.

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1/20/11 2:12 P

I use the knot too. It has been helpful but, I did not see when you should send out invatations. I have people that live out of state so I was just wondering. I do not go to any of those websites though on there I have checked into them and they are so expensive.

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1/20/11 10:04 A

I use The Knot as well! It's very helpful in planning what needs to get done and when it should be done by. There's so much I didn't even think of. It's really helpful if you're doing everything yourself and don't have a wedding planner like myself!

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1/20/11 9:39 A

The Knot is my second best friend. It has helped me so much with planning, guest lists, and so much more. If you are an upcoming Bride to be, you should consider The Knot. It's like Spark People for Brides. emoticon

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1/18/11 5:57 A

you could do an announcement card to send out after the wedding so everyone knows. look at weddingpaperdivas, tinyprints, creativelyengaged, and shutterfly. i use those sites fact i should be a stationer. shutterfly and weddingpaper have the best discounts...and they keep them coming.

1/17/11 9:58 P

LOL! thanks! i go to the knot and its like a foreign language they speak on those message boards. i thought wedding planning was stressful but they make it an enigma!

as for save the dates. im not doing them. our wedding is very small (86) and everyone knows by word of mouth by now when the wedding is and the invitation is just going to be a formality. i would like to do "just married" cards or whatever the acronym for that is. since the wedding is small im not really looking for presents but i would like to let the extended family and friends know that i got hitched.

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1/13/11 7:53 P

haha. when i first learned std, i thought it was funny too. DH means dear husband. Most of them I cant stand that ppl (lol) abbreviate. My mom just asked me what MUD means...idk mom, google it (thats what i told her). haha, kidding apparently it means made up drama, but i had to google it. spend some time on the knot, those ladies have acronyms for everything.

1/13/11 7:07 P

WHEW! i REALLY need to learn all the acronyms used by the wedding world, i saw STD on this message board and i was about to chime in saying "he should love you no matter what!" haha! but i see you mean Save The Dates! and what in the world does DH mean? im so lost. i thought the medical field was bad with their acronyms!

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1/13/11 5:25 P

IT is exciting to cross things off the list! Good luck with the invites. I have no idea what I'll be doing for invites.

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1/13/11 1:39 P

I just wanted to share that I ordered our save the dates today! I'm so excited and another thing I get to cross of the list. Now for the dreaded attempt to pick invites.
Also ladies if you dont already know.... has a discount if you sign up for the news letter on your first order. I saved 30.00 on them.

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