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5/29/12 6:41 P

Walden farms is a crock guys, google it. It's fattening stuff, even though it claims to have no calories.

JAOTTO SparkPoints: (0)
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5/29/12 1:16 P

Waqlton Farms 0 calories dressings

ISUMMER SparkPoints: (0)
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5/22/12 4:04 A

I love the Garlic-Balsamic recipe I got on SparkRecipes...

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PAMMY520 Posts: 300
5/14/12 8:40 A

I put a bottle of balsamic in a pot and reduce it by makes it thicker...syrupy and sweet...I keep it in a squeeze bottle and use it on my salads...grilled fruit....mixed with chopped strawberries over lowfat icecream...yummy!!

JAOTTO SparkPoints: (0)
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5/9/12 2:02 P

Waldon Farms has 0 cal./0fat dressings and dip. The taste is Ok but not has good as the high calorie dressings.

5/9/12 1:09 P

Greek yogurt- fresh dill- white vinegar for a creamy dressing- good on a salad with lots of greens, cucumbers, lean meat(chicken, fish)

I use rice-wine vinegar, peanut butter, hot pepper flakes for a spicy thai dressing- good with a salad full of greens, peppers, onions

LUCYGODDESS Posts: 2,410
5/9/12 12:10 P

I have been adding sliced strawberries to salads for sweetness. I also agree with various herbs (mint, cilantro, etc.) Someone said mango :). I also like spinach mixed in with my lettuce.

LASICILIANA SparkPoints: (0)
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5/9/12 11:57 A

yes, a little dijon mustard adds body and thickness to dressings.
also experiment with herbs... add a little tarragon and garlic to balsamic vinegar and evoo in a blender with some mustard and S&P... yum!

you can also do that but and swap out the garlic and tarragon for preserves like raspberry or apricot for a sweeter dressing.

depending on the salad ingredients try the juice of an orange with evoo...

KAPELAKIN Posts: 1,984
5/9/12 11:53 A

Feta cheese is a good one. You can even get fat-free feta that tastes pretty good.

My favorite salad "dressing" is finely diced avocado, fresh squeezed lemon juice, a few grinds of black pepper, and some Johnny's seasoning salt. Sounds kind of weird, but it is delicious, and I don't have to wonder what's in it, unlike commercial bottled dressings.

JOANIEBUG46 Posts: 4,214
5/9/12 11:49 A

I eat lots and lots of salads. Favorite is balsamic vinegar with a pinch of olive oil. Also use homemade salsa and mango salsa as dressings. I make a salad with chopped tomatoes, cukes and onions, then put on lemon juice with a bit of olive oil. I put that on mixed greens. They are all fabulous. The trick is to "think outside the box" and find what works for you.

QUASIOR SparkPoints: (9,005)
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5/8/12 9:42 P

We use balsamic vinegar, yummy

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
5/8/12 9:34 P


1 cup fat free mayo
1 cup fat free sour cream
1 packet Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing (dry mix)
1/4 cup fat free half and half

Mix all ingredients in a glass jar with cover. Easy to shake and store.

Makes an excellent salad dressing or veggie dip .

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5/8/12 2:02 P

Lemon and/or Lime Juice
Herb or Dijon Mustard
Raspberry Vinaigrette
Dill Weed / Onion Powder / Garlic Powder / Mrs. Dash
Banana Peppers
Crushed Garlic

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LIMIG2 Posts: 35
5/8/12 10:27 A

I have found a number of the dressings offered on Sparks people have milk in them. I am lactose intollerant and would like some ides of other type of recipes with no milk or yogurt. Thanks for your help.

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5/8/12 9:54 A

For a little added kick, but no extra calories, stir in some dijon mustard and fresh herbs into your regular balsamic and oil mix. Also, for a sweeter dressing stir a little agave into white vinegar and oil. You can also add fresh squeezed lemon or orange juice over greens followed by a small drizzle of oil,

KATQUEL SparkPoints: (0)
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5/7/12 6:58 P

Hello sparkers!
I'm an avid salad eater and I love my extravirgin olive oil with some balsamic vinegar to add some flavor. But I want some alternatives to this.
What can I add to my salads for flavor but not extra fat?
(I know olive oil is good fat, I allways end up eating too much of it!)

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