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I always think of losing weight as saving money. Yes, you need to front some funds up front for a gym/exercise equipment and better groceries, but in the end you spend less on food (in total) and healthcare.

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1/5/12 12:56 A

Thanks for sharing ideas. I love the mashed potatoes in muffin tins idea. I also do a lot of multi meal cooking. Sometimes we (the family) have a "cook day" where we all come over to one house, bring our recipes & ingredients then make up meals for the entire family to take home & freeze. Often we have almost a month's worth by the time the day is finished. It's lots of fun for all ages.

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1/4/12 5:50 P


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1/3/12 3:13 P

I really love all the ideas you provided! I am in the process of making meatless taco filling and when done I will separate it into individual serving sizes for use during the rest of the week.

I really like how using a smaller plate manages to trick the mind into thinking there is more food on the plate.

I am definitely going to use your idea of the mashed potatoes in muffin tins, FABULOUS!

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1. Make low cal mash potatoes and put into muffin tins then cover with plastic wrap and put in freezer just till set up then put into freezer bags, makes a perfect 1/2 cup serving.
2. Make more than one meal at a time and freeze separate measured portions to save time during the week when your tired or busy.
3. Chop walnuts on the weekend so you can put a tablespoon in your oatmeal to increase protein and good fat.
4. Bake two turkey roast at one time then remove from oven and drape loosely aluminum foil and let rest, this helps keep the meat moist. Then using a small cheap scale from Wal-mart measure into 4 oz portions, wrap individually in cling wrap, or place wax paper between slices to prevent freezing together.
5. With the meats frozen separately from the sides you can easily make many meals and chose what to have for sides so everyone gets their choice.
6. I use the smaller plate by Corelle Ware along with smaller bowls for cereal and custard bowls come in handy for proper portions of fruit. Smaller 3oz juice glasses for juice which can be loaded with sugar so controlling the portion is important.

I highly recommend the book "Portion Savvy", it helps to teach you portion sizing using your eyes eventually, some great recipes also.

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