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3/31/12 11:09 A

Also check in your local or state team..i know many that have found buddies there to walk with..just be careful to screen well first!!

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3/30/12 12:31 A

A great place to find an exercise buddy is in the challenge teams on SparkPeople. They check in on a daily basis, and you get the support of others around you.

There is also a fitness forum in the message boards, if you want to start a thread there. That might give you a few leads on a buddy.

Good luck with your goal. Once you get started, its easier to keep going.

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3/29/12 10:42 P

I 'work out' 2-3 times a week, but still have that all-or- nothing mentality. I want to do something every day, even if it's only 10 minutes of stretching after putting in 7000 steps at work and my shoulder hurts too much to even do bands! Anyone else want to do something, anything, even if it's short of perfect, every day? My experience is, of you can just start, then 5 minutes goes by in a flash; you already feel better; 10 minutes is easy, and before you know it 15 minutes has gone by. Why that 'start' part is such a bugger, no idea!

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