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11/3/12 2:33 P

Thank you all for your advice I'm taking it easy and logging it all in. I think i will enjoy the focus on eating and maybe it will help me cook more! Thanks again.

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11/3/12 2:32 P


When it comes to weight loss, what matters most is what we eat. Good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off. Exercise is what keeps our bodies fit and healthy. In general, for long term good health, a person should eat right and get some regular exercise. However, a person can lose weight without exercise as long as they are mindful of what they eat.

I wouldn't worry too much about trying to lose weight these next two weeks. Instead, do your best to eat foods that nourish your body. I wouldn't cut your calories without your doctor's okay. Why ? When you cut your calories, it means your body will have fewer calories (energy) to help heal your body if you have to have an operation to remove that cyst.

In theory, if you were to watch what you eat, you might lose 1-2 pounds without exercise in two weeks. Mind you, it doesn't mean you will lose. it's possible you could lose. You might even gain weight. And that doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong.

I would advise you to stay away from the scale for these two weeks. Don't tie your self worth to a number that stares at you from between your toes in the morning. You WILL NOT derail any of your efforts at good health and weight loss because you can't exercise for a couple of weeks.

Listen to the advice of your doctor. Do your best to eat as healthfully and mindfully as possible. The fact is, you need to heal your body first. Then you can think about weight loss.


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11/3/12 2:00 P

Exercise is good for so many reasons, but really the food is much more important for weight loss. Track your food. Watch your portions.

Your plans are excellent. Stepping up the fruits/veggies and water and reducing processed foods is right on. Look up the article on Super Foods here on SparkPeople and incorporate many of them.

I lost over 80 pounds and have maintained for almost 4 years. I am now training for my first half marathon, but I didn't start running until after I hit goal weight. There were many months, due to surgery and time constraints and laziness, that I did not exercise. I lost weight in many of those months.

The most important thing in weight loss is to never give up. Do the best you can each day. Tell yourself that quitting is not an option. Once I quit quitting I learned to manage my weight.

You can do it!!

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11/3/12 1:52 P

The weight loss will probably happen once you address the ovarian cyst issue. In the meantime, keep your body in the healthiest condition possible in order to be prepared for the removal of the cyst. Eat healthy, possibly stretch (check with your doctor first) to keep flexible. Post removal, sometimes the appetite does not bounce back right away. Try to eat nourishing and simple foods.

Sending positive energy your way...... emoticon

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11/3/12 1:45 P

If you can't work out or lift, can you at least walk? I think adding the produce and water will help a lot.

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11/3/12 1:43 P

It's always hard when you just get started and hit a speed bump, but your body really needs you to follow your doctor's instructions. We've all had times when we've had to put exercise on hold. Just focus on the things you can do. Eat carefully, log your food. I've found that most of weight loss is in what you eat. Exercise just keeps you strong in the process. If you had to choose one or the other, eating right is the way I'd go. Be patient and remember we're here for you. emoticon Feel better soon.

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11/3/12 12:19 P

hey everyone, I am trying hard to be on a healthy path and have personal struggles along the way as most do. consistency is difficult for me. Anyway I recently found out that I have a fairly large ovarian cyst and it has simply put me out of commission physically. I need advice on how to still lose weight with this obstacle. docs orders: take it easy for two weeks till the next visit, don't work out or lift etc etc.

I cut my simple processed carbs and I will be working on adding more fresh produce and water. any other tips for someone in my situation? I appreciate the help and positive thoughts!

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