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10/10/12 9:20 P


love the kids more than you hate the ex

HALO291 Posts: 18
10/9/12 11:56 A

Well then you are doing pretty well taking care of yourself!! IT IS VERY HARD. You'll get through it...good days, bad days and every day in between.

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,816
10/9/12 11:39 A

Thanks for your input! I eat healthy, it helps that my kids want to eat right too. So, that kinda forces me to eat right. I exercise because i know its best. Sleeping, I usually dont have issues with. I am a heavy sleeper and am usually wiped out when its bedtime. So, I pass out. I am trying to do the right things that I know are best. It is hard!

HALO291 Posts: 18
10/9/12 11:37 A

Unfortunately I'm sure you will get a great many responses of those who have been through a separation. I'm so sorry for what you undoubtedly are going through. It is hard and you will go through countless ups and downs. Just remember to take care of you first. Do your best to eat healthy, my problem with stressful situations is that I don't feel like eating (not sure if this is the same for you), but if it is just try to get some decently healthy food into you. Rest even if you can't sleep and exercise because it tends to naturally lift your spirits. I know its hard but the rest will fall into place.

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,816
10/8/12 4:23 P

Has anyone gone though seperation from their SO? I would be really appreciative of tips, support, suggestions, what worked/didnt work, etc...

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