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Posts: 466
5/2/13 5:45 A

Because I eat with my client, breakfast is usually the only meal that I have to make. It gets pretty boring with the typical breakfast items and/ or fruit. I mix it up from time to time by eating leftovers. I know that sounds "out there" but at least I'm driving to get something that I have no clue the calories or are excessive in calories. At least I know what I'm eating because I made it.

Posts: 2,494
4/9/13 10:16 P

just make a batch of what you normally make and leave the rest in the freezer for yourself.

Posts: 858
4/3/13 4:48 P

I agree with the previous poster, just make up a batch of ____ and freeze it. I've found some great recipes, healthy ones that are very freezer friendly, on Her stuffed pepper soup, for example - I make a double batch of that every few weeks, freeze it in individual serving containers, and take them to work wiith me for lunch. Chili is another great freezer friendly recipe. Mexican flavored chicken or beef, for tacos, etc., is another great one - can be eaten with rice instead of taco shell, etc.

Posts: 1,803
3/31/13 11:01 A

How about making turkey chili to make frozen containers?

Components to a stir fry... Green & red pepper strips, sliced onions, mushrooms, chicken breast or steak strips.... sautee and freeze. Reheat easily.

Make stew with out the potatoes as I dont think potatoes freeze well. Stew meat, onions, diced celery, diced tomatoes, carrots, and onion soup mix. He can always pop a potato in the microwave.

Hoemade soup maybe

Posts: 1
3/30/13 9:49 P

Hi there, I have never been on the forums. But I am wondering if there are recipes on here for serving 1 person? My kids and I are going on a mini vaca for spring break, and my husband is staying behind to work. But I want to pre-make some things for him so he can maybe just throw it in the microwave or oven. Any suggestions and help would be appreciated! Thanks and everyone have a great weekend!

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