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2/7/12 9:51 P

WOW!! Thanks for all of the replies! I posted about a month ago when we first started with Sparkpeople and working towards our wedding/weight loss goals. I have already lost 18 pounds!! Just measured my inches and am very happy with the way things are going!! Looks like we may be comfortable setting a date sooner than later. For me, I just really want to have a great day on my wedding day. I want to look and "feel" beautiful. I want to feel comfortable in my dress and know that when people said that I made a beautiful bride, they meant it.

I am a photographer...I see results of photos all the time, of course I want to feel great and confident for our photos that we will have displayed for our lives together!!

This is a Bride and Groom goal, he's losing weight as well. He's also doing very well. Our whole family (babies too!) are enjoying all of the new foods that we are eating and our teenager is totally on board. She is so thin to begin with but she loves to eat healthy anyway. We are enjoying all of the cooking together and having a lot of fun with it. It's actually bringing us closer together!! Now we have something other than "what the babies did today" and "what happened at work" to talk about!

Thanks everyone!

1/21/12 1:18 P

Personally, I'd say, "why wait?" Weight loss can't really be rushed, so I'd be afraid that putting wedding plans on hold for a certain weight goal would delay it too long. Also, I'm in the camp that if I'm putting pressure and stress on myself to lose weight, the weight doesn't come off too well.

You could also go ahead and set a date for the wedding, and work towards a goal for the wedding. Regardless if you hit the goal or not by the date, you can make an agreement with your SO that once you get to the goal weight, some sort of celebration outing or party can be done.

Either way, congratulations to you both, and it sounds like you'll be very happy together however you decide to go forward!

DAVINA_C Posts: 108
1/18/12 3:00 P

Congratulations on making the decision to be healthier people before becoming "officially" wedded people! I think for some the wedding date might be more important, but it sounds like you and your fiancee are essentially married already anyway! Might as well have the celebration on your own terms!

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1/18/12 10:44 A

While I understand where you are coming from, I think that there will be a lot of more exciting things to focus on. Hope you are able to loose weight before the big day. Hope your new adventure is even more exciting!

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1/16/12 6:30 P

He obviously loves you regardless. And while it is good to strive for a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight. I personally wouldn't put my wedding plans on hold.

I have been here for years and I still haven't reached my goal weight. I couldn't imagine putting my wedding off until I reached my goal weight.

AML05030 Posts: 562
1/14/12 7:17 P

He loves you regardless! Set a weight loss goal by the month before the wedding maybe? something reasonable. Besides, wedding planning can be stressful! Best time for more workouts! LOL

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1/11/12 2:10 P

Life is fleeting, and even if you live to the nice ripe age of 100 it will still go by faster than you realize. A wedding is a time to commit to a life with the one you love, and that knows no weight. Weight loss goals and healthy living can be great (why else would I be here?) but you shouldn't unnecessarily put your life completely on hold for it.

Your family will think you two look just as beautiful because you will wear it on your face, whether you reach your goal by then or not. Don't let weight loss goals make you wait if you are otherwise ready. If you reach your goals by your wedding date, then FANTASTIC! If not, you can keep working at it as a married woman. :)

Seize the day! Don't let the mirror get in the way of love!

Just my two cents!

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1/6/12 11:34 P

I would set a date for a few reasons: 1) your fiance loves you just as you are, 2) you already have kids together, and 3) if you set a weight loss date, you still need some time after that to actually plan the wedding.unless you're already taking that into account.

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1/5/12 10:38 P

So my fiance asked me to marry him on Christmas Day!! :D After having two of his babies, the two of us have put on too much weight, I also have Fibromyaglia and CFS which causes weight gain (not to mention the medications). happy as we are to be engaged, we looked at each other and both said, "We need to set a weight before we set a date!" and here we are on SparkPeople. Well, here I am, he will be joining this

Has anyone else done this with success or is it better to set the date and work towards the weight?

I have set my weight loss date for mid Dec. 2012 and I have been successful in the past with weight loss, but this could be a bit of a challenge after two kids, my condition and now the pressure of the wedding dress that I fell in love with!!

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