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Shaving Everyday?

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1/19/12 3:47 P

Only if I have to for work or whatever; otherwise I wait until the hair starts tickling the corners of my mouth.

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1/15/12 5:16 P

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and on the weekend if we're going out.

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1/10/12 9:37 P

Almost every day. Just switched to aveeno shave cream last week and I think its the best Ive used. Used to grow a beard every winter but got a desk job last year so i try to be a bit more presentable.

Posts: 1,251
1/10/12 12:45 P

m-f skp weekends and maybe a day during the week if i have no customers in that day!

Posts: 5,009
1/10/12 8:30 A

every 2nd day.

Posts: 585
1/10/12 5:31 A

The guys at shave every day and have lots of tips and information about sensitive skin and other related topics. They are a very friendly and positive group. Oh, they shave the TOP side rather than the bottom side of their heads. But the tips should work on both ends.

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3/6/11 11:48 A


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Posts: 207
3/5/11 6:52 A

Most days... depends, shaving is one of those ugggghhhh I have to do it again activities I hate

Posts: 268
3/5/11 6:38 A

of course! but only on the face...(the other areas less often... emoticon )

Posts: 100
3/4/11 11:20 A

Currently bearded and short cropped hair. However, contemplating switching back this weekend to shaved head and goatee! Warmer weather to the rescue!!!!!

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3/4/11 7:15 A


Posts: 107
3/2/11 7:16 P

As I must shave on a daily basis, what I have found that works extremely well is to shave in the shower. Once you have wash your hair and body the steam of he shower will soften the bristle. At this point a bit of lather and shaving with the grain will leave you super clean. Afterward a bit of moisturizer will refresh the skin especially during the winter months.

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Posts: 6
3/2/11 8:46 A

Im a suit and tie guy for work as well so I shave everyday to be presentable. I have sensitive skin. Tried an electric shaver but it was not pleasant. Went back to the gillete razors and Nivea after shave lotion.

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Posts: 544
3/1/11 8:11 P

I shave everyday. I have sensitive skin and have the scars to prove it. What I've learned is to make sure I shave in the right direction with the hairs, use small strokes, rinse the blade often, and use a gel with aloe. This has made my face much happier!

Posts: 3,745
3/1/11 5:57 P

No, not for 3 years.

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3/1/11 4:16 P


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2/12/11 6:41 A


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Posts: 2,618
2/11/11 8:22 P

I generally shave every week day because of work, but not on the weekend. However, I don't have a heavy beard. And I'm really bad about how I shave. I generally just spash my face with warm water, no shaving cream, take a few quick swipes with razor, and I'm done. It takes a little more effort on Mondays though.

Posts: 300
2/11/11 9:10 A

I have to shave everyday because of work. I also have very sensitive skin. I found that if I use a razor and shaving cream that I end up irritating the skin so much it starts bleeding. I ended up buying a Braun Series 7 electric razor. Had tried several electric razors before this one an all of them irritated my skin. The Braun is around $200.00 but very well worth it. It allows me to shave daily without any irritation at all.

Posts: 1,035
2/2/11 11:52 A

I shave everyday for work, other than that I don't bother.

Posts: 382
2/1/11 9:44 P

I shave everyday for work and usually skip a day (or two) on the weekend. Don't have sensitive skin.

Posts: 611
2/1/11 6:58 P

shave once a week whether I need it or not

Posts: 62
2/1/11 8:33 A

I shave every day for work. Usually dont do it on my days off. I dont have sensitive skin, but I shave with very hot water and rinse with cold. No problems

SparkPoints: (1,745)
Fitness Minutes: (1,381)
Posts: 21
1/30/11 6:10 A

I shave every day. I shave my head, and face. I like the clean look. In other words, I was going bald. hahahah

Posts: 11,480
1/27/11 9:32 P

Just bought a new razor

Posts: 328
1/26/11 1:17 P

i shave just about everyday that i work. sensitive skin is kicking my face, but i use gillettes new fusion lotion with the spf 15 and it seems to help.

windburn is really getting me now.

Posts: 3,745
1/26/11 10:48 A

nope, I haven't shaved for nearly 3 years.

Posts: 194
1/24/11 1:31 P

Shave every day, head & face.
And it's imperative to shave BEFORE getting on the scale! No since having that extra hair weigh me down, eh!

Posts: 60
1/22/11 6:35 P

I have a full beard so I usually just shave the neck area, and it doesn't grow very fast so I can go a day or two with out shaving and not look scruffy..

Posts: 400
1/22/11 4:09 P

Everyday but Saturday.

Posts: 77
1/22/11 12:15 P

During the week I shave every other day and usually skip on the weekends if the wife will let me get away with

SparkPoints: (115,431)
Fitness Minutes: (80,630)
Posts: 5,126
1/21/11 3:13 A

Don't shave at the weekends, gives it time to recover! Try vitamin E oil in the evenings as well!

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Posts: 616
12/20/10 8:50 A

I shave every other day. I use an oil-free moisturizer almost everyday.

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Posts: 1,169
12/20/10 1:38 A

I had to shave every day of the 20 years I spent in the Air force, and the right side of my neck below my jaw was ALWAYS raw. I never did find any successful remedy, but I never tried Eucerin lotion. That might have done the trick. That was quite a while ago. Now that I'm retired, I shave my head and beard once every week or two. I'm almost 65 now, in a wheelchair with muscular dystrophy but still kicking! Probably a lot longer now that I've found SparkPeople! (And a good idea, since I have a son less than 3 years old.) emoticon

Posts: 1,821
12/19/10 7:22 A

I can shave everyday but its so annoying so i usually skip a day and the weekends if I'm going out. The one day scruff look doesnt bother me but after the one day it comes off. sensitive skin here also and can only shave with the hair and not against it. I get all ripped up if i go against. does taht happen to anyone else?

Posts: 5,148
12/18/10 8:01 P

It depends if nothing is happening I will shave every other day or so, I should shave every day but don't. My shaving consist of my neck and cheeks. I several scars on my face I have a beard to hide them. I too shave in the shower.

Posts: 406
12/17/10 10:09 P

I shave in the shower and should do it every day but I usually skip a day. The steam from the shower helps.

SparkPoints: (55,761)
Fitness Minutes: (39,130)
Posts: 688
12/17/10 7:55 P

I shave M-F. I'm a guy who still wears a tie to work, and I want to look presentable. I may shave Sat night if we're going out.

SparkPoints: (121,401)
Fitness Minutes: (128,659)
Posts: 2,626
12/17/10 10:34 A

I shave every day except sometimes I skip it on the weekend. I had tried electric, special shave creams and nothing seemed to help. Now I shave in the shower. I take a shower and at the end, lather up and shave. You face is really hydrated well in there and it is a lot better. After my shower I will rinse my face in the sink with cold water then put on some aftershave. I don't like the moisturizers because they make my face feel oily, but one should try them to see if they work for you!

Posts: 1,006
12/17/10 9:04 A

I shave pretty much every day except Saturday (I want to look clean and tidy for work). Although my shadow is more gray and thus, a little less obvious if I skip a day. I do put a moisturizer on my face after I shave as I do have sensitive skin.

Posts: 15,787
12/17/10 6:01 A

Nope. I shave my face and head twice a week. Anyone remember when Nixon had a blue beard by noon press conferences?

Posts: 1,063
12/17/10 5:38 A

Well I don't think I have sesnsitive skin, but I am using a gillette fusion razer (good quality) and go for good shave gell.
Also, if you don't have to shave for safety reasons (firefighter mask fitting etc) you can ask your dr for a note I suppose.

Posts: 687
12/16/10 11:58 P

Anyone have to shave everyday and if so do you have any secrets for sensative skin?

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