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9/2/12 1:08 P

Put your alarm clock away from your bed - maybe on your dresser or something. Having to get up to turn it off makes it easier to just get up :)

JJSKM21 Posts: 249
9/2/12 5:56 A

So the trick (IMO) to the best sleep ever is: Go to bed at the same time every night. Never do anyhing in bed, like reading or watching tv. If you want to go to bed at 8pm, start turning lights off, laptop, tv, etc off like an hour before. If you don't want to turn things off then Dim them. If I am up late with my laptop, I will dim the screen brightness down to nothing. Don't drink caffiene in the evening.

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9/1/12 10:16 P

Above, I've given you a link to the SparkPeople Official Better Sleep Challenge. There's some great tips with that team, that might help you get up easier in the mornings.

Hope this helps,

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9/1/12 10:17 A

i have never hit the snooze button. that being jerked awake again just doesnt do it for
try just plain getting up..see if it doesnt help!

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9/1/12 8:37 A

I have no idea. Try setting coffee at night and maybe the aroma of the coffee will wake you up.

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9/1/12 8:07 A

I want to wake up without hitting the snooze button. It undoubtedly has never happened on a consistent basis. Although I think it might be too much considering I have to be up at 5:30 AM - any tips other than going to bed at 8pm?

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