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11/11/12 7:04 P

Most crock pot recipes say 6-8 hours on low. If you want to add more herbs, using fresh at the end will brighten up the sauce. When I have simmered pasta sauce all day, it has reduced and become a thicker more flavorful sauce. Another tip would be to put frozen meat in the crock pot on low and let it cook whle you go about your day. This works out well for me and the meat is usually done by 7 hours, then I shred it and turn the crock pot to "keep warm".

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11/10/12 5:48 P

So I'm new to using a crock pot, but quickly loving its convenience. I'm planning on making a pasta sauce to serve over noodles and eat as leftovers at work and wondering how long to cook it on low.

I've got 1.3 lbs. chicken breast that will be thawed. Was just gonna put those in and pour a low sodium/no sugar added prego marinara sauce over it and let it go. Then pulling the chicken out, shredding it, and cooking for another 30 mins. Do I have the right idea here? And should I add a bunch more italian seasoning do you think to make up for the potentially lost taste in the sauce?

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