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EMILYDOODLE Posts: 1,697
9/28/12 10:10 P

fresh fruit with fiber one cottage cheese, cracker chips, and rice cakes.

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
9/26/12 1:44 A

I keep dried fruit, nuts, and single servings of rice crackers in my desk.


There are no shortcuts. No magic bullets. No secret spells. What works is hard work, dedication, and a daily dose of chocolate.
WIP3W3WT Posts: 6
9/25/12 11:45 P

One of my goals when (re)starting a weight loss plan was to pack a healthy lunch daily--which for me usually consists of several small snacks I can eat throughout the day. I have stuck to this goal without exception, and pride myself on my carefully curated lunches, which may range from simple fruit and veg to homemade quinoa salads. Mostly I prepare these the night before, or after my morning workout...

But then there are those days when I find myself running ten minutes late, doing a frantic dance in front of the barren refrigerator knowing that I need to bring something healthy to snack on during my seven hours in the lab or else I'll risk blowing my diet in a frenzied ravenous binge at one of the fast food joints on campus...

Also it should be noted that I live in Tucson where the temperature is still in the high 90s and I have no access during the day to a refrigerator, so I need snacks that will keep!

At this point, I would normally grab an Atkins (or some similar brand) protein bar as a not-bad-for-you, emergency, non-perishable snack. While I'm not a huge fan of protein or meal-replacement bars, I figured that in a pinch, it was better than lapsing and falling prey to the siren song of fish tacos or enormous roast beef sandwiches that were often my lunch before. That is, until I saw the amount of fat contained in one of these bars! 9 grams of fat should belong in an entire meal, not a bar that is self-classified as a "snack."

So can anyone suggest a pre-made, low fat snack that doesn't need to be refrigerated, prepared or assembled (I make my own snacks 99% of the time, this is for the 1% when I just can't).

It is MUCH appreciated.

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