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3/9/12 4:28 P

Thank you so much for this information ... I will definitely pass it on along to my mom :)

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3/9/12 3:15 P

Some vegetables may protect and even reverse the damaging effects of diabetes on the heart, according to a report in Diabetes News. Cruciferous vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and leafy greens. They have a chemical called sulforaphane that activates a protein that protects cells and tissues by increasing antioxidant activity and supporting the liver’s ability to detoxify free radicals. 4 walnuts per day is good for the heart and diabetes. Avacados have healthy fats for both problems. Some women at high risk of heart disease may also benefit from the use of supplements, such as omega-3 fatty acids and a supplement of COQ10, however a doctor or a registered dietician should tell you whats best.
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try the mayoclinic website and search for Food Sources the Best Choice for Antioxidants
The also have good aartivcles on diabetes, the heart and more @
Good Luck!

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3/4/12 11:50 P

My mom just got out of the hospital and has been given a diagnosis of cardiomyopathy on top of her diabetes and emphysema. She was on a diabetic diet but now must also make her meals heart healthy. Are most diabetic recipes naturally heart healthy too or does anybody know of any websites that would have recipes that are both diabetic AND heart healthy combined?

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