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4/1/12 3:52 P

Thanks Tink, DH wishes that was Saturday attire, lol ... but we do make an annual appearance at the Renaissance Fair. :)

I appreciate your info, and I will definitely read your page and add you as a friend!

Have a great Sunday afternoon.


TAMPATINK67 Posts: 3,800
4/1/12 3:28 P

Lovin the RenFair/Octoberfest outfits (or was that just a Saturday afternoon?!?!?!?

I'm down 74 lbs w Spark.

Diet is Paleo/primal
Exercise: walking 10000 steps a day
Resources: 100% Spark

I tried WWPoints, but the ability to save points for "treats" (or gain points via exercise) allowed me to keep too many processed grains and sugars in my body as my genetic history seems to have predisposed me to carb sensitivity.

Feel free to read my page or posts or send a spark mail if you have specific questions!

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4/1/12 3:13 P

Good luck!

POLARPUP SparkPoints: (31,309)
Fitness Minutes: (24,630)
Posts: 570
4/1/12 2:22 P

I am seeking testimonials from people who have achieved 50 lb (or more) weight loss with Spark People. Also, did you use Spark People exclusively or was it in combination with other diets/methods?

I have recently jumped ship from Weight Watchers and I'm currently in the "transition" of counting calories instead of points.

Any feedback you can give me sure would be appreciated.


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