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4/9/03 9:17 A

The Fitness Adventure Challenge keeps me more focused. I am doing a better job of alternating the days I do upper body, core, and lower body strength training - which will make my work outs more effective!

It also helps the thought process from day to day of "when am I exercising today". Often I plan a few days ahead.

Sometimes I recruit my Mom or friends to exercise with me. We can still get together, and I am keeping up with the Challenge.

We always have Fun!

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4/7/03 8:18 P

Here's a good example of the type of comments I'm seeing each week from our employees! This is from one of our interns who hasn't even started working with us yet. She'll be starting in the summer, maybe a little before then part-time:

"I am really enjoying this adventure! I've been able to talk many of my friends into getting out of the dorm and going to the rec with me. Thank you for creating this wonderful program! I can see that everyone is actually starting to feel better about themselves because they are exercising. Now I just have to work on having a healthy diet. It is really difficult because of the dining hall, but I am going to give it a try! Have a great week!"
-- Jacquelyn

3/26/03 2:59 P

Hey, remind me too!!! I have a mind block on the jump rope and abs. I usually leave out the pysio ball to remind me to do my ab workout. I'd probably trip over the jump rope if I left it out.

This week the baby has been getting me up early so I have done the step for cardio. Monday evening we took a walk in a park we discovered near by. Great evening!

I hope to get a run in before the end of the week and check out The Firm tapes.

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3/25/03 11:36 A

I could come here everyday and shout HEY KRAMERMS! DID YOU JUMP THAT ROPE YET?

Of course then you'd have to remember to look here every day to be reminded.

Have you tried using an alarm on a watch?

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3/25/03 10:17 A

Three weeks already done! Been doing some jump rope -- and it's kinda hard. Only takes a minute or two and my hands are on my knees. But I did it the other day about 5pm, my normal "nodding off" time, and was able to work till 8 without feeling tired at all. Not bad for a couple minutes worth of time. For me, the tough part is remembering to do it. Any ideas? This is definitely more of a mental than a physical challenge.

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3/19/03 3:46 P

This weeks adventure has had some nice variety so far. The jogging stroller is together; and I took the baby out for a walk/run twice this week. It takes a little getting used too, but we both like it!

Sunday was beautiful here. My husband & I & the baby took a long family walk down town and over the bridge. It was great - sun shine, exercise, and a couple hours to just talk and catch up.

3/14/03 10:24 A

Cool. I'll check The Firm out. Yeah, I am sure I loss some intensity in front of the TV.

I am so excited that the weather is getting nice here. We're putting together the jogging stroller together this weekend!


CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
3/14/03 8:44 A

The challenges are under The SparkPeople Challenge topic.

If you like to step and do weights, you might like to try some of The Firms for a change of pace from doing step/weights in front of a television program. You also might find increased intensity with The Firm.

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3/13/03 11:59 A

I'll check out the videos. Thanks!
I have few different types at home.

Ok, I am clueless. Where do I check out the "3000" challenges?

Actually my aerobic step at home is a major part of my daily fitness routine. After taking a few step classes you learn the standard steps and how to incorporate weights. So now I do my own routine with weights in front of my favorite TV shows. I am rarely bored by working out and it makes TV time seem less wasteful.

How goofy I must look to the fly on the wall!

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3/12/03 2:29 P


If it would help motivate you, you could start adding points to the 3000 points team challenge for your stretching and adding miles to the 3000 mile team challenge for your runs.

And since I like to sound like a broken record: Exercise Videos are great for moms! Check out to see what is out there.

3/10/03 4:18 P

Hi All,

Thought I'd share a bit about my Adventure.

For the first time, I started REALLY tracking my exercise routine on March 2nd. I have always casually kept track of it in my head, but this past week I felt much more focused and more motivated.

A few things that I will do to enhance my normal program:

Stretching every day - I really enjoyed it this past week. I hardly every took the time to strech before.
Run every Week - The opportunity to run outside doesn't come along too often when there is a baby around, but I should be able to swing it, at least once a week.

I'm really looking forward to discovering how much more I'll enjoy and much better I'll feel as the Adventure continues!

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