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8/1/12 10:27 A

Given me such great support - LOVE ALL MY SP BFF'S :) :)

7/27/12 3:13 P

Sparkpeople has given me support that I need in order to achieve my goal! I always learn valuable informaion when coming to the site daily. It always makes me smile to get on here and feel like it is an active part of my plan to lose weight. Thank YOU sparkpeople!!!! emoticon

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12/23/11 2:58 P

Great tracker, MS_MITRA!

I appreciate the community on SP, but I ALSO get a great deal of help from the Nutrition Tracker's daily feedback. I'm slowly learning that I generally have eaten too little that is nutrient-dense, and that I would fill up, at night, with foods that are kind of useless for my body! In some ways, I knew that, but the Tracker and the feedback have shown me more clearly what and when I should be eating.

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12/23/11 10:33 A

I love visiting SparkPeople everyday. I learn something new almost every day emoticon

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SWEETSUGAR7 Posts: 2,450
12/16/11 1:33 P


I love spark people and the people I meet..

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12/16/11 9:56 A

taught me not to beat myself up after a mishap. I have understood that things will happen and I will not be perfect all the time. As much I tell myself mentally, there is always a window that can open at any given time. I am so thankful for all the healthy reflections that is inboxed in my email. These reflections really help on a day to day basis. Most of the time, I feel as if they are really meant for me. I could be feeling down and out but by reading them and then writing how I feel about them really makes me get to the bottom of why and how I am feeling towards myself, the issue, or the solution. My gift to others will be getting the Spark out there in my community and my circle. Most of who I socialize with are not in a healthy state of mind or apperance. It is so easy to say I will do this and I will do that, but when it's time for action to be put in place, the next thing I know its nothing but excuses. I was once like that but I had to take stand and put the action behind the words. But I am thankful that I have somewhere to come and actually tell myself and others how I am truly doing and feeling. Thanks to the creator!!!!!!

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12/15/11 6:39 P

Amen to Ms_Mita-I agree with everything she said. Sparkpeople has a place in my heart for the name alone. My motivation may be down, but I still can give advice to those who need it. Thank you Sparks.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,749
12/15/11 10:53 A

Thanks for your post! Glad you like the site!

Coach Jen

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12/15/11 8:46 A

Sparkpeople has given me hope and confidence that I can achieve my goals, whether it's getting down to a healthy weight, eating healthier, or just living my life to its full potential. There are times in life when we are discourage and we feel as if nothing is worth our time or effort. I found SP while searching the web for a successful program to help me become a better person inside and out. I am so glad that I did find this site because I gave gain useful information to transform to the person I never thought I would be!!!!! Thank you, Sparkpeople creators, sponsors, and members!!!!!! emoticon

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