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1/24/13 9:54 A

I'm just starting the Paleo diet. I already feel better omitting the process foods.

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3/29/12 4:05 A

The cravings will go away. Just keep on making good food choices and you will be amazed at what you have achieved.

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3/29/12 2:13 A

Good luck! If you have sugar cravings, add more fat to your meals. It helps to reset that craving.

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3/24/12 6:03 A

I have just started to read about this and am intrigued. I have MS and have read alot about the way the diet helps to strengthen the body. Any comments

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3/5/12 2:39 P

CRYSTALJG - I started paleo on February 23, breaking a 12 year vegetarian diet. In the 12 years I was a vegetarian, I eventually gained 60 pounds. :S I know where you're coming from with the baked goods!

I found that I had quite the digestive issues for the first week on paleo. That's slowed down considerably, but I'm still having digestive issues from time to time.

I'm really liking paleo (and eating meat again!). Now I'm just trying to find out what meats I like while experimenting with different recipes.

Good luck!

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3/2/12 2:49 P

Just stopped by to say good luck and keep strong. I've been doing Paleo for over a year thing I did for myself. The withdrawals in the beginning can be hard depending on how much processed/sugary foods you were eating. Just know this too shall pass.

3/2/12 2:08 P

Started Paleo diet yesterday, I am having sugar and flour withdrawls. Must keep strong! I have strengthening scheduled for today did my scheduled cardio yesterday. Have a good sense of what this diet entails.

Switched from a vegetarian diet of 3 years. My husband and I are both O-positive blood types so the Paleo diet is good for us! We both put on 20 pounds after the initial loss, too much cookies and bread I think!

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