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4/2/05 12:11 A

Aunt Bee

The TOPS group I chaired for a year consisted of about 50 members but only about 30 were regulars.
Out of that 30 10 were there for the last 40 years. They were the seasoned cops with lots of wisdom and good advice.

They must have started that group in the 60's as young house wives and built lasting friendships.
A lot of the senior cops were retired. When I joined the group.

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AUNTBEE1945BK Posts: 10,314
4/1/05 2:49 A

Staying the same is called a Turtle at Top's Club.

The thing about staying the same, is one has to stick to there guns, and work toward lositn. Sometime people get discouraged and quite and or start piging out.

Remember to use the measuring take during the times where one's body rest, stays the same.

Don't give up.

OKANOG Posts: 7,117
3/31/05 1:23 P

We do have xx lbs lost, xx lbs. gained and now we have STAYED THE SAME.

I think we should not over look stayed the same as sometimes we have stuck to our goals but the body maybe stuck on a plateau or adjusting to recent losses. or we maybe loosing inches but the scale is not reading that!

I stayed the same this week. That's ok I did great for the month of March down 4 lb total!

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