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4/26/12 11:58 A

Given that your doc has warned you to take it easy, I would check with him first. Tell him exactly what you'd like to do, and ask if him that's okay; if not, ask for specifics on what IS okay.

Best to listen to doctor's orders!

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4/26/12 8:52 A

Well I finally have an answer to what is wrong with me. I have had shoulder problems for a few years now and could never get an answer on exactly what was wrong with me. Well now I have the answer... fibromyalgia. I am always stiff and have pain. So my question is, is it ok to only use light weights to strength train or will that not do any good? I have been doing heavier weights at the gym on the weight machines. But my doc said to take it easy. So if my body was used to doing heavy weights but now I cannot do that and can only do light weights, will that even do my body any good? I haven't been doing any lower body stuff lately since I do the elliptical and walk 5 days a week. My lower body gets plenty of work!
But this diagnosis I got explains a LOT! I am always tired. I always feel like I am in a fog, I have a hard time concentrating and I get headaches a LOT. I also always hurt all over too. I have a dull ache all over my body all the time. But the real pain is in my shoulders.

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