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3/31/12 2:21 P

Your body is telling you something important. Listen and make an appointment with your doctor. Tell him/her just what you said in this post.

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3/31/12 11:41 A


What sort of meds? Are they benefiting you enough to justify the terrible side effects?
How about trying some yoga for stress relief? emoticon There is power in conscious breathing.
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3/31/12 11:20 A

Sleeping that much isn't normal, and it worries me that you may be suffering from depression. You should check with your doctor and explain the symptoms you are having.. you could be suffering from a serious medical issue that you may not be able to handle on your own.

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3/31/12 10:03 A

If you want to add in exercise to your routine, you're going to have to start eating more than just one or one and a half meals per day. To be honest, that's probably why you lost the weight is due to severe calorie cutting.

But if you start working out more, you should find that you have more energy throughout the day. Use this website to your advantage... you can find walking plans, running plans, etc. to help you get and stay on track :)

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3/30/12 5:18 P

Im always stressed.i worry to much bout my man and then i dont eat,I usually eat 1 meal a day or one and a half and a few snacks.I sleep 13-18 hrs a day,due to meds.ugh.THE GOOD THING IS i was 210lbs and now im 180lbs.i wana b 130lbs HELP?need motivation to work out,I DO WALK THOUGH! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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