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10/17/12 3:40 P


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10/16/12 5:24 P


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10/16/12 9:07 A

way to go keep it up good wok. today is day one for me again. I am doing fasting for on week with that mean i am clearing my system. I do it every 6 month to detox my body. wish me luck....Let's do it

UPSADAESY Posts: 948
10/16/12 6:58 A

That's okay, life happens. :) Good luck in picking yourself back up!

I had a couple slices of white bread today while visiting my mom, since that was the only bread she had and I was really hungry and not likely to get any other food till lunch.

Otherwise I'm doing okay, not 100% but around 90% and I'm happy with that. I think I'm moving out of the detox stage and into the lifestyle stage, though sweets are still off-limit. Eventually I want to be able to incorporate them back into my diet, on special occasions (birthday cake, homemade cookies for holidays etc.).

Now I really want to give myself a pat on the back for the following: I've been sweets-free with 3 different chocolates, 3 kinds of cookies and a bunch of sweetened yoghurts all lying around. I've handed sweets out to the kids and visitors and haven't eaten any myself. Or rather, I did occasionally lick a teensy bit of chocolate of my fingers and it didn't prompt me to start gorging on it. I rock!! lol

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10/14/12 6:15 P

sorry, i am not doing with this challenge. This weekend was wedding and all and i eat sugary stuff which i should not. Monday for sure i am going to be better. We have guests and too much eating

UPSADAESY Posts: 948
10/14/12 5:08 A

Well, day 8 for me today. I did okay the rest of the time, had some close calls - handing out chocolate to my kids and cake to visitors, but I refrained.

I think this is probably it - the way I know I should be eating 95% of the time. Gosh, the prospect isn't very appealing, but the results are, I guess. Which I yet have to see. So far, I can't say I feel much different from before. I might have lost a pound, or not. I'll definitely have to add exercise to the diet. That's step 2. I think I had better come up with a strategy and timetable.

How are you doing? Do you feel any different'

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10/11/12 8:38 P

it's ok i understand. I am doing some what better. I am not 100% there yet. But i am working on it.

UPSADAESY Posts: 948
10/11/12 5:21 P

Sorry for not checking in yesterday, life got in the way (sick kids). Anyway, don't worry, messing up is a part of life. It's the picking yourself back up that counts.

I messed up today, actually. Not in a major way, but I did have white pasta (hubby cooked while I was busy and he wouldn't make anything else), a banana and about 6 oz of mango-orange smoothie (which contained 12% grape juice, so yeah glucose!). As a result I drank much less water and had stronger cravings. I did manage to pass up chocolate and other such stuff that I actually have lying around. So I guess I'm still okay, just worried that tomorrow I won't be back on track, but that rather I will slowly fall back into my previous sugary patterns.

I think though that I'll have to come up with a timeline for this. Like a month ofdetox and then low-sugar maintenanceor some such. I just can't imagine never having cake again. :D

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10/9/12 9:09 P

I messed it up today. I was at my church helping and where i drink tea with sugar in it. some one esle made it and i drink it. I know this is not excues but i messed it up but tomorrow is another day.

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10/9/12 12:30 P

i forgot to add chia seeds and almond milk. My calories are 1200, or more. I feel fine and have more energy when i eat this way. Well i do eat 2 times coconut oil. Chia seeds those are healthy fat. My stomach is very sensitive and i have to watch what i eat. i will let you know how many calories i eat today by tomorrow. I am not big fan of meat, i eat some what but i am trying to be vegan. dairy make me sick.

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UPSADAESY Posts: 948
10/9/12 12:12 P

Wow, you have a very healthy meal plan. :) I can find nothing wrong with it, except that it seems like very low-calorie - which is fine if that is your intention. How is your energy level? Have you been eating like this for longer already? Can you manage your daily activities on this amount? If you feel like you need an energy boost, try some nuts - they are super healthy and contain beneficial fats. Good luck and let me know how it went!

An aside: my personal philosophy regarding food and weight loss/cleansing is getting rid of sugar and starch and eating enough protein and fat - as far as I'm concerned, no fat is bad except refined oil. I'm a firm believer in butter, cream, fatty meat, nuts, etc. Of course, you need to be conscious of the calories, but my body needs fat to function properly (and yes, I do lose weight eating whole fat foods! lol). I actually found a good book on why animal fat is healthy written by two doctors, but I gave it away as a gift a while ago, but I found this on the www and it basically contains what I believe:

(Un)fortunately I can't afford to make any drastic changes due to breastfeeding. I really wish I could do a veggie juice fast or something like that. But I'm very proud of doing this at all.

Well, day 4 so far and I 'caved' once - I had a pair of hot dogs with some mustard. Not sure about the hotdogs, they may have had sugar in them, but the mustard definitely had some. Still, it was the only thing I could cook in a pinch. I'll do better for dinner.

I also had a glass of 3oz 100% orange juice with 6oz water. It didn't taste sweet so I guess I'm fine and the vitamin was worth it.

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10/9/12 8:24 A

UPSADAESY, My sugar cravings are out of control. I want to do detox for one month or long if i can? I am gluten free dairy free soy free, artificial sugar free and want to be white sugar free for good.

Yes we can use this thread to keep each other posted. Today is the day one emoticon for me. wish me luck and good luck to you.

Well i do eat white rice once in a while. I cook all my food at home. Let me know what your daily meal plan? i do not know what not to eat.

Here is my daily meal plan for today.


I drink warm water with 1 tbsp. coconut oil first thing in the morning

1. green smoothie (spinach, 1/4 cup blueberries, 1 tbsp. chia seeds and 1 cup unsweetened almond milk)
2. 8 pecans


1. 1/2 cup quinoa
2. any veggies

leftover smoothie from breakfast and 15 almond


1. 1/2 cup quinoa
2. 1 cup lentil and steam broccoli with very little salt

I drink green tea and detox tea thru out of the day.

Let me know what do you think of my meal plan. If i need to do some changes i will do that. Thank you we will get thru this.

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UPSADAESY Posts: 948
10/9/12 5:41 A

Nevergiveup, sure, I'd love to have a buddy! We can use this thread to keep each other posted if you like.

Maybe you could write down your plan? What types of sugar do you want to avoid? Just sweets/table sugar or other types of sugar, too (fructose, lactose etc.), how about starch and sweet fruit?

A few years ago I did very drastic sugar detox. What I'm doing now is more moderate, but it's still having a major effect.

ETA: oh and how long would you like to detox? I'm thinking of at least a month, maybe more - until my Candida issues clear up, and then I'd like to switch to a low-sugar, low-starch diet.

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10/8/12 8:30 P

I need to break the addiction to sugar. I'm just not quite there yet. everyday i am struggling with this battle. Can i join you with this sugar detox.

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10/8/12 12:27 P

I need to break the addiction to sugar. I'm just not quite there yet. emoticon I feel terrible on sugar, yet I can't even commit to getting off it yet. Sad, huh?

UPSADAESY Posts: 948
10/8/12 4:28 A

Thank you so much for these links! I will check them out as soon as I have a chance, I'm eager to hear what the experts have to say.

I am generally staying away from high-fructose foods as well, though I still eat some fruits (apples, pears, etc. but no bananas).

I did good yesterday, mostly. Lunch at my mom in law's was fine, luckily I was able to eat everything she made. I think next time she'll actually try to accomodate my diet (she's nice like that). For dinner I made a semi-wrong choice: I had a whole-grain typefo bagel that is actually half white flour I think - and I had a major craving about 45 minutes later. But I got over that and today I'm again fine. A bit grumpy :) which is to be expected.

Another surprising thing that's happened: I'm noticing my thirst more and I'm drinking enough water for the first time in months.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,596
10/7/12 8:10 A

I am learning about SUGAR, as well, but FRUCTOSE is the part of sugar that makes us fat. Do watch the series on YouTube with Robert Lustig M.D. It has several episodes.

I'm reading "THE SUGAR FIX" with Richard Johnson M.D. and recommend it to everyone.

I have Metabolic Syndrome/Insulin Resistance and I've learned SO much about why I struggle with weight loss. I've learned from these two doctors.

I follow Roby Mitchell M.D. who is He treats with hormones and is very interesting. I found him when my son had Testicular Cancer four years ago.

UPSADAESY Posts: 948
10/6/12 7:55 P

It's day one of my sugar detox diet and I'm having mild withdrawal symptoms. The craving for sugar is strong. Starch would also do.

But I just realized something. All of my usual snacks are loaded with sugar/starch. I've been snacking on them to get that rush, to feel good physically and emotionally for a while at least. But they were not actually something that I needed. I actually used to believe that I was hungry, so I ate. But not really. I'm craving a snack right now, but I'm not hungry. A different option doesn't appeal to me. I could eat some pumpernickel bread with cheese or have some plain yoghurt. I'm not hungry for that though. So I guess I'm not hungry, period.

That's something of a revelation. I expect to have some pretty rough days ahead of me. I haven't gone to any extremes yet, either. Just sugar (honey, syrrup, dried fruit, etc.) and starch (white bread, pasta). I've kept rice and potatoes. I also have cereal containing about 5% of dates. Sadly that was the only cereal without added sugar that I could find.

I've waited too long with this. I've ignored the weight, the fatigue, the digestive issues... all until I got toenail fungus. Now that is a dealbreaker for me. So adieu, sugar.

(sugar feeds the fungus, Candida albicans, in case you didn't know - Candida is responsible for most vaginal yeast infections, a lot of digestive issues, and toenail fungus of course)

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