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I can't have gluten's either, and a little sensitive to lactose. Don't know on ice cream (never really cared for it). Replacing other milk products is just a matter of substitutions, and getting used to the slightly different tastes.

For gluten's. I use a lot of rice and oats. Many times tricked out with stocks, veggies fruit,.... The only way I have found to stomach all the terrible non-gluten breads is to fry them. Grilled ham sandwiches, toasted subs, or go open face with sauce can also help. This is one I just had to trial and error on. Hope it goes well for you.

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10/3/12 2:34 P

If I knew I wasn't going to be able to limit what I was having, I'd certainly stay away from a "TRIGGER" food, much like an alcoholic knows he can't take "just one drink."

Read the book "THE SUGAR FIX" by Richard Johnson M.D. He has great lectures on YouTube. Also, watch the Series on youtube "THE SKINNY ON OBESITY" with Robert Lustig M.D. as it is so worth doing.

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9/30/12 9:58 A

How does one satisfy the craving for breads and ice cream when you know you are sensitive to them? Yogurt doesn't do it. Gluten free items usually taste like cardboard. These are my downfall and once I give in to the craving it is hard to pull back and get back on track.

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