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7/25/12 12:35 P

Well, I suppose something to consider, sodium in the US is fortified with iodine. And iodine helps keep our thyroids healthy. If you do try cutting back on salt, you might look into taking a kelp tablet, which is rich in iodine.

I thought this a nice article about iodine ~

"An Iodine Primer"

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7/25/12 12:44 A

You might get differing opinions on this. But in short, if you're drinking enough fluids (i.e. water) to let both the sodium and fluid go through your kidneys then your body won't experience any imbalance.

If your consuming a high level of sodium and a low amount of liquids then you're putting yourself at greater risk of developing blood pressure issues.

There's a lot of factors, and it's a complicated process that our kidneys and blood go through. Overall, it's a good idea to cut back on the sodium long term. If you have days when you go over or way over make sure you're consuming a little more water.

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7/24/12 8:55 P

It would depend on how sensitive a person is to sodium, I'm sure. I, for one, am EXTREMELY sensitive and it WILL cause me to gain boat loads of water, which just masks any form of fat loss...if there is any.

Processed foods are the heaviest for sodium, so if you're able, it's best to cut as much of those out of your diet, as possible. Nothing is more discouraging, than working hard and the scale does not budge..or even increases. So do what you can to ditch the sodium and you will have a much easier time with the scale...and your health. emoticon

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7/24/12 8:23 P

Scale's not moving so I reviewed my food tracker and discovered that I eat lots of sodium. I come close to the high end of the recommendation often and have gone over several times. Besides making me retain water can sodium intake effect weight loss over time? Just curious, I know lowering sodium intake has many health benefits but am wondering about the actual effect on weight loss.

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