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Just as a warning: some people (like me) get a nasty irritation from the juice/skin of uncooked taro, some others can't even eat it cooked, but most people are fine with it. There are also LOTS of different types of taro, from mini Indian versions to huge Chinese grapefruit-sized roots (or even larger Hawaiian poi versions). In my experience, the smaller ones tend to go to slime less easily than the larger versions.

I personally have never been much for the texture of poi or most Japanese taro dishes, but here is a rather good site on how to cook taro in the Japanese method:

There is a nice broiled/fried taro recipe here that looks to be sort of like a french fry--much less slimey, much more tasty in my opinion:

Hope this helps, and congrats on being somewhere that actually stocks taro!

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Anyone have advice on prepping/cooking Taro root??

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