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LRC2020 Posts: 4
4/27/12 10:48 P

Ha, yeah, a thank you card would be an obvious choice. :)


KAREN42BOYS SparkPoints: (104,948)
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4/27/12 7:45 P

How about taking your coach to a really nice restaurant to celebrate both your work on getting to this goal?

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,313)
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4/27/12 6:50 P

Thank you card? Or a hug and a thank you?

LRC2020 Posts: 4
4/27/12 6:32 P

I'm competing this weekend in my first tournament in 20 years.

I'd like to do something nice to thank my coach, who's done a lot to help me prepare and is going out of his way to drive several hours to be there with me.

Back in the day, we'd thank the coach by pouring 5 gallons of gatorade on his head. I think I'm a little old for that, and it probably wouldn't go over so well at a fencing bout as it does at a soccer match, lol.

Does anyone have any appropriate recommendations?

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