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7/20/12 3:34 P

Thanks for your response DragonChilde.

I have a next to clean diet so no problems with the a 'bad diet' and I mentioned spot toning AFTER i have completed the fat loss programs. :)

I know the basics and I'm applying them well thanks. :)

Will check out the team. :)

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7/20/12 12:43 P

Actually, we have a whole team for XBox kinect games!

Check it out:

Also remember that exercise isn't enough to lose weight; real weight loss happens in the kitchen! You can't out-exercise a bad diet.

I also noticed you mentioning some toning exercises, but you can't actually spot-reduce parts of your body you don't like... fat loss is a total-body process, and will happen where your genetics say it will. That doesn't mean you SHOULDN'T do things that build strength in your bum or your thighs, but don't expect those to slim your thighs if that's where you tend to hold it. It sounds like you've got a great program, and a solid plan for exercising! Good job!

7/20/12 12:34 P


Apologies if there is another thread but I did a search and didn't find what I was looking for.

I am currently aiming to burn around 26lbs of fat and build muscle tone. As well as The Biggest Loser I also use Zumba Rush for the Kinect alternating between short high intensity routines to longer medium intensity routines. I also strength train 4 times a week using kettle-bells.

I have opted for the 12 week Super Weight Loss programme on the Biggest Loser game. It involves doing a mix of circuit training, box fit and yoga. I have chosen to do these routines for 40 minutes 6 times a week. Once I finish this 12 week programme I will move on to the 8 week Belly Buster programme, following this, the 8 week Beach Buns programme (which will slim and tone my glutes and thighs) and then I will move on to the 12 week Fighting Fit programme which is designed to improve agility, coordination and stamina.

I wondered if anyone else is using the Xbox for fitness and if you'd like to share your experiences/journey/results in this thread for fitness inspiration and ideas on how to utilize fitness games further and use them to accelerate our fitness goals.

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