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9/27/12 2:54 P

I like YOJULEZ's answer.

I basically do that every week but in a little different way. My calorie range is 1450-1820. I know I want to eat no more than 1550 a day. I multiply 1550 by 7 (10850). That is the amount of calories I allow myself a week. So if on Sunday I eat 2200 I know that I can only eat 1441 for the next 6 days.

I may go under my personal range, but I never go under 1200.

Good luck!!

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9/27/12 12:23 P

I would just try to be "normal" and go for your mid-range.

Do you think that your range is accurate? If you are doing more exercise than your program thinks you are doing, actually you need to be eating a little more too, to support that activity.

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9/27/12 12:07 P

I wouldn't eat below the minimum, only because that will probably result in you being too hungry and might cause you to overeat again once the evening rolls around. Remember, one bad day is not going to ruin all your efforts. I look at the numbers on a weekly basis, since you need to have 3500 less calories than you normally burn (do you know what your BMR is?) to lose 1lb of fat. So, those extra 300-400 calories aren't going to ruin it all. Assuming you want to lose 1 lb a week, you could just reducing your calories by 100 each day for the next 4 days to make up for it. If you do that, your weekly #'s will remain the same and you will still lose what you normally would lose. You could also extend your workout or do a bit higher of intensity than you normally would to try to make up for it also.

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9/27/12 11:34 A

What do you do the next day when you've had a bad day?

Yesterday, I overate and I didn't track. I had convinced myself that I was probably close to the max of my allotted calories. Today I woke up ready to get back on track. I weighed myself (2 pounds up, but I know that 2-3 pound fluctuations are part of my process and I've really been kicking it at the gym with cardio and strength) and at home (zumba and hand weights). However, I got to thinking about yesterday and decided to step back and track the day. So I did and found I ate 600 over my upper limit though I did also exercise 200-300 calories more than my daily predicted average.

Anyway, I tried to stay positive while accepting it was more of a maintain day than a losing day...

However, thinking about today... I know I'll get in an hour of cardio. I wonder if I should try to make up the calories and eat a little below the minimum of my range or if I should just do my normal and aim for mid-range. I did great for breakfast so far (300 calories, 27 grams protein :-) and am planning out the rest of the day...

So I guess the heart of my question is if on a "day after" when you get back on the boat do you try to compensate for the day before or just get back to the "new normal" you are striving for?

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